Eye Candy: Newborn Wool

First photo shoot ever

When visiting Gotland in May I came across these darling cute lambs close to where we were staying. Gotland is known for the many sheep, and in every souvenir boutiques on the island you will find a sheep of some kind in every available form; ceramics, wool, fabric or illustration on something else.

Resting for a while

But to me the real deal is so much better than any sheep you can take home and put on your shelf. The lambs are so cute, and they are like newborn wool on walking sticks. Who can resist them?

Here are a couple of more of my photos:


Gotland Sheeps
I think moms are cute too.

Mum to be - very soon
A mom to be – very soon.

And the evening view these darlings look at:
Beautiful landscape on the island Gotland!

White anemones, among the blue ones.

Mom was inspired by the place, and instead of buying a cheap sheep formed souvenir she made one! I got this artist trading card that she made:

Gotland ATC by Yvonne
Sheep on Gotland, ATC by mom.

I think memory ATCs are the best, the kind you make while traveling or as a memory of an event you want to commemorate. Keepsakes.

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy. Have a great day!

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