Happy birthday bro!

Yesterday was my brothers 20th birthday. It was a beautiful day, and we had drinks in the garden. My dad made delicious food (as always, I adore his cooking). I was happy to be asked to bake the cake, and then to light the candles. A few seconds later my brother blew all of them out.

cake time
Poof! I hope you wished for something awesome coming your way. That’s what I wish for you! I wish for you everything beautiful, exciting, fun and thrilling. I wish for you love, dreams being born and coming true, always.

I got my energy back, finally. If it sticks, I might post again tomorrow. Something artsy or art journalingsy perhaps… Waddayathink? :-) Thanks for leaving comments: I loved reading about your summer projects at the sew mama giveaway post.

Ive notified the winners, and they are four awesome people: Oddbjrg, Kim, Tina and Jamie. Congratulations! Next giveaway will be held on my newsletter list, so if you haven’t signed up do so now!