I don’t even remember when or where I bought most of the frames I have in my house, but I know that this pink oval one is a thrifted find. It is made from polystyrene according to the yellowed back-paper… I love this type of frames, but most of them are black. To find a pink one, whooo-hoo, imagine that! I was so happy about this find.

Pink oval frame thrifted by iHanna

Still, it’s taken me a while to make the effort to find something to put in it, and then hang it up. But it’s a quick, easy way to make a lovely little change to your home, isn’t it? Just frame a print, a drawing or a postcard you have laying around and hang it up.

Easy-peasy, right? And another great stay at home activity at the moment. I started out with a vintage Easter Print for right now…

Framing a print is super easy and fun

I found a cute vintage Easter greeting via Pinterest (no attribution found), that I think is super cute. I downloaded it and printed it as large as the frame. It’s not high resolution or anything, but it doesn’t matter if you’re just printing it on a home printer. I made sure it would show no white borders in my frame, and then cut out out oval.

If you want to use this particulate image, I’ve included it below, and also a link to the pinterest board where I tend to save cute, vintage images – in case you want to go check them out. I love this vintage aesthetic at times (not always, but on occasion) and will print images for my own journal when I need a little pick-me-up boost of vintage cuteness…

Then, a nail in the wall and ta-daa! The new frame is up, next to my wood mirror that I painted baby pink a looong time ago and the framed print a friend got me, that says “this is art”. It’s cute, right?

And that is it, so not to end this blog post too quickly, here are too more decorating ideas from my house to yours…

Not grown up or grandma stuff, but speaking to our more nerdy side. Here’s a cute flower pot and a dragon in plastc.

Groot planter in iHannas home #greenery Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson

I bought this Groot planter (he is a character in Marvel’s comics and one of my favorite movies; Guardians of the Galaxy) a few years ago online, and his hairdo right now makes him even sweeter. Love him.

And then this cute figure:

Toothless and Sushi embroidery (by Natalie Uhing) in iHannas home - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson

In front of Natalie’s ATC (a sushi embroidery) stands Funko Pop figure Toothless from the move How To Train Your Dragon posing, so wonderfully cute. Love him too.

I hope you feel inspired to hang something up, decorate a little and make your stay at home time as cozy as possible.


Further Easter Inspiration

Chickens out for Easter Party vintage image

The found vintage image that I used for my frame.