Self Portrait Challange 1Self portrait challange this week/month: Introduce yourself!

This is a part of me:

Me and Elektra
Not a self portrait photo this time, but one P-♥ took of me this Sunday. I’m wearing my favourit colour pink and saying hello to Elektra, a lizard. I’m not afraid of lizards, I acctually love amfibiens very much, like frogs and so on. Maybe not snakes. My favourit animal is the frog, because it is such a great creature with lots of hope inside, hopping around as it is. I’m sitting in the sun here – and I love sitting in the sun.

I’m also a coffee drinker, big sister, school girl, journalist wannabe, artist, feminist, blog reader, woman, computor addict, writer, pen collector, book reader and podcast listener. And I love making lists.

What about you?

This is my second Self Portrait Thuseday post I think. The first one I couldn’t add to the site because it stoped taking contributions about the time I wrote it, so sadly no one commented on that post… Now Self Portrait Challange have a new location, and I have decided to try this challange out! Yay!

I don’t know if I want to tell so much about me in this blog, because the blog is about my art and crafts, creativity and creating and saving stuff… But then again, I love self portraits so much it’s embaressing. I’ll just try and see if I like this thing.

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