Going to the Design market was a very quick decision. I didn’t think, afraid I might have hesitated to much. I just e-mailed the girl that organize it and asked if there where any tables left for me to claim – and it was. And one week to go before it started! Not much time really, it was good that had a lot of finished stuff at home. But I also crafted like crazy the week before the market took off, and managed to finish a lot of little softies and got a bunch of new ideas that I want to try soon.

I used a old grey sweater for five new teddy bears, all with a little different look. Here are two of them:

True love

Project boxNot born yet

In the pink “Project box” that I bought at IKEA I have ongoing projects like the crocheted granny scarf and some pieces of amigurami that is not finished. Lining them up it turned out I had lots of “finished” animals in there, just missing eyes and mouth…

So I sewed them all together and felt like I had really accomplished something good. Don’t we all love that feeling?

I also made a strange pattern for a little fellow and when I sewed him up I saw that all he asked for was eyes, and he became an alien:


I managed to remake the whole living room to a craft and sewing studio. Felted wool, fabric and thread everywhere and a cat that was helping to spread it too.

iHanna & friends
But on the morning before the market I just priced everything and packed it into a big box. And off we went, me and my little friends + some collages and cards etc.

All of them
Most of these little animals was crocheted last summer. What a happy bunch to become something. And when I saw them all together I felt such pride. I made all of these.

See you at the design market!