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Trying out my tube Gouaches - awesome art supplies tried out by iHanna

I got a kit of gouache paint tubes from a friend. It’s my first try with gouaches since school, and it’s always fun to explore new paints. Gouache is similar to watercolors, but my watercolors are not in tubes, and the goaches are more dense and not as opaque.

Gouache Palette
My palette, as always on a fancy plastic lid.

You get little variations in performance and colors from what you are used to, when you get to experiment with new paints. You get a reminder of how important play is!

For us creatives play is an important activity!

And with new paints you should embrace the opportunity to just sit and play, to fill a paper with paints that run and mix with each other. Paint that float in puddles of water.

I love that experimental process, the play. The colors!

Trying out Gouache paints

I need to experiment more with these paints soon, and maybe look up goaches to learn more about them and their specific characteristics. If tou are a fan, do you have any advice for my next experiment session – or a book or video tutorial I should look up? Let me know in the comments below. This is the final result of my play:

Gouache paint Experiment nr 1 by iHanna finished,

It’s always fun to play with colors. It might be one of my most favorite activities in the whole world!

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  1. I have SO been wanting to learn about these gouache paints, and have fun and explore! This post makes me even more eager.

    I may have to leave work with a headache or something…

  2. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I have bought my set ages ago, but for some reason never got to try them. But after reading your post and looking at the pictures I guess tonight I’ll be experimenting with gouaches! :D

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