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Painted Art Journal Detail by iHanna on Instagram

I’m @iHannas on instagram, are you following me on instagram yet?

One of the things I really enjoyed in 2013 was posting photos to my instagram account. Right now I’ve been in a rut, but probably it is because it is so dark around (a.k.a the Swedish Winter months) these parts right now, so taking photos when I get home at night is hard.

I don’t particularly like that you now can post videos there though (sometimes changes are not for the better). I think that to be watching video I am in another mindset. When I go visit instagram I want what I have always gotten there… but I might change my mind about that when/if I get used to it.

Did you notice how everyone got crazy with flipagram and reviews of their top instagram images before Christmas? Crazy! But instead of joining, I simply posted my quick video to youtube, and now here. I hope you like it! For some instafun, follow me and snippets of my daily creative life on instagram.

Some of the things I don’t like to see on instagram includes: close up of your food (yuck!), videos with music that autoplay (oh well, I never enjoy autoplay and if you have it on your site/blog I will not stay for long and I won’t be coming back to visit again), and images without a context/description.

Some of the things I adore on instagram are coffee photos, everyday photos, right-now-peeks of creativity, cute cats and dogs, and seeing life as it is happening – right now but somewhere else.

What do you like most about instagram?

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  1. Of course I’m following you :D I recently joined IG and have fallen in love with it! I like how it kind of keeps me on task and makes sharing behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress shots easy. Having to fuss with my regular camera, proper lighting, editing and uploading and all that kind of takes the steam out of sharing. I love that there is such a vibrant and active creative community on IG!

    I’m @bobephanie there, if you want to check me out.

    • It’s easy to fall in love with instagram, right? I was looking for you on there when I got your postcard, but couldn’t find you last year… So glad you found your way there too. I think it’s a cool way to share stuff, and there are a lot of advice about it online too if you want to read up. :-)

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