365 Collages in 2013 | Week 51 | The Scissors Edition

…recognize that any creative act worth doing benefits from an ongoing process of continuous improvement. [via]
Chris Guillebeau

Collage: C is for Creativity (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)
C stands for Creativity

C also stands for Collage Love, Cut & paste habit, Creating Every Week and Carving out time for a project. And Celebrating a job well done, right?

Thanks for visiting my blog during the holidays, to check in on my beloved 365 Project! I appreciate you taking the time, during this past year, and especially today.

Thank you!

If you feel you’ve got the time, feel free to leave me a comment below. I’d love to know what you think of these latest collages…

Collage: Window View (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)
Window View

Collage: O Ilios - The Sun  (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)
O Ilios / Ἴλιος

Collage: ButterScissFly  (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)

Collage: Bon (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)

Collage: Cut Your Losses  (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)
Cut your Losses

Collage: As the Wheels are Turning  (Copyright Hanna Andersson of www.ihanna.nu)
As the Wheels are Turning

I hope you are enjoying the last days of the year, taking some time to reflect back on what you have accomplished and what you might want to focus on in 2014. I have been going through my box of collages (and the pile beside it), counting through them several times and comparing them to what I have blogged and uploaded each week. I was also going through the folder of scanned collages on my computer, where everything is named and sorted on date (2013-12-28 for example, which makes it easy for me to sort them chronologically). I felt a need to check that everything is on track, before the year ends. It seemed that some collages were missing, but then I figured out where my error was (some collages not stored in the right folder on the computer) and now I feel calm. All is well in the world…

With today’s seven collages I have posted 7 new artworks for 51 weeks. That is 357 finished collages! 357! There is only 8 collages left to make. then I will have a complete 365 days long year of collages under my belt! I am making the last one right now, but will post it next year!

This is a post in my series 365 Collages in 2013 | Plan Your Own 365 Project | About my Creative Process | Previously: Week 50 (the Wild Edition) | I will post the next 7 collages next year (!) and that will be the last post in this series: Week 52 (The End)

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  1. hi hanna, i am “making the time” to leave you a comment ;D these collages are stunning! i have only been following you for a short time, and i love what i have seen thus far. i am attempting to finish some journals before the year ends, as well as get some started before the new year begins. burning the candle at both ends so to speak. lol. i really appreciate the tutorials you have posted. i love collage, and writing, anything that i can put in a journal. how did that yellow pacman moleskine work out for you as a writing journal? i am thinking of getting the daily moleskine for 2014. i have always wanted to start-and finish a daily writing journal, (diary) since i was a young girl. and i finally accomplished that this year. some days, somedays, i just jotted a few words or doodled, and other days, i had so much to say that i began what i called a “p.s.” journal, for the writings that didn’t fit in the daily journal! thank you for your inspiration hanna. a new and excited follower of yours :) jenny

    • oh yes, let me add my congrats to you as well hanna. the starting and completion of this project, it has to feel good! not to mention…having all those pieces of art. that’s a win/win! :)

  2. Congratulations on a journey well documented. The collages for Week 51 are so lovely and remind me of different flavors of sherbet. I wish you much happiness in the new year and once again, thank you for the inspiration you share with us.

  3. Congratulations on sticking with this project all year. You have inspired me to try and do some collages in 2014. Nothing as ambitious as what you did but something. I have enjoyed looking at them all.
    Aloha, Kate

  4. Well done! I’ve followed you all year and you’ve inspired me collage more often. Thanks! :)

  5. What an accomplishment! I love looking at your collages and thinking about how the elements relate to each other. Color, shape, meaning–it’s all so very interesting to watch you work.

  6. Du har gjort så mycket fina collage, ett för varje dag, det är helt otroligt. Grattis till dig som lyckats med detta stora projekt. Vad ska du nu hitta på? Kram från mom

  7. Congratulations Hanna! 51 weeks….sounds so impressive. Thank you again for this challenge. I’ve had such a wonderful time with it. I’m making a mad dash for the finish line but know I can make it and may just have to keep going… Love “C is for Creativity”!!

  8. Hi Hanna, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year AND congratulations on such a big creative achievement! I love the collages, but the very first one, “C stands for Creativity” makes my eyes dance! Beautiful shapes juxtaposition end nicely with the scissors!

  9. I love all the bright colors of this set of collages. My favorite is the “c for creativity” with its drops of inspiration flying about. The colors of window view and the soft image of the woman are also beautiful. Wonderful project – thank you for sharing both the collages and your process for creating them with us.

  10. Inspired by you, I have started making fabric collages every day. i am really loving it and am in the twenties now. Thanks for the inspiration

  11. Hello Hannah,

    I love your collages, always inspiring and fun to see. The first one is my favorite, would want that one in a small frame.

    Congrats on your 52 collages, that is impressive and awesome and I can’t wait to do this too. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us, can’t wait to see more next year.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy Creative Colorful New Year!

  12. I love all of these but if I had to pick a favorite it would be “ButterScissFly” because of the way the scissors are used as the body and again I’m so intrigued by the black and white nature photo off to the left. You’ve done such a great job following through on this challenge and it has inspired me to attempt my own “365” challenge in 2014! Have a great new year!

  13. like I say in my “G is for Glue it Tuesday” this coming week (where you are one of the featured artists) That’s A LOT of Glue! Congrats. for your year of collages. I see you used a Tarot card in one of your collages, and I could never do that! Then I got the idea of photocopying it – I think like you did! How dense have I been, after all these years of wanting to! Like all the lined paper in Bon! Good idea to name them all. Nice that everything is accounted for! {:-Deb

  14. Hi Hanna,
    How lovely to meet you at Paper Saturdays. Thank you for adding your link. Your collages are gorgeous and I have to say that I really admire what you have done here. It sounds like a huge task. I am going to have a little look at what you have been upto this year and I hope you will join us again at Paper Saturdays this week :)

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