Collage: All fired up
All fired up

This post is late because I just finished the last collages, scanned them and uploaded them tonight. I hope you like them. Please leave a comment if you have the time, to let me know if you find a favorite and what it is about that collage that you like it. Thanks!

Collage: Cooling down afterwards
Cooling down afterwards

Collage: Clover Five
Clover Five

Collage: Focus

Collage: Peripheria

Collage: Double Moon
Double Moon

Collage: Try again, doc!
Try again, doc!

They’re all kind of different, as you can see. I think they’re a bit experimental because I’m taking Stephanie Levy’s online class 30 Days of Collage this month. Lots of interesting reading (interviews and prompts) that fuel my creativity right now.

What fuels you this week?

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