365 Collages | Week 49

Collage: Welcome to My World
Welcome to My World

There is only three weeks left of the year of collage! Can you believe it? We all know time flies, but every end of the year we’re caught by surprise. Already the year is ending? Where did the time disappear to?

With my personal 365-collage project I feel that I’ve really had many creative and happy moments making art this year, probably a record of some kind. And I love that you’ve all been here with me to celebrate it each week!

So once again I ask you to let me know in the comments what you think of this weeks collages. Any favorites found, and if so, why do you think that is? What appeals to you? Personally I am especially pleased with the titles this time, probably because they make my inner child smile.

Collage: The Art of Messy Play
The Art of Messy Play

Collage: Find me in the Boho Lounge
Find me in the Boho Lounge

Collage: Spacing Out
Spacing Out

Collage: Firm Grip
Firm Grip

Collage: High End Thoughts
High End Thoughts

Collage: Ready to make a Jump
Ready to make a Jump

Thank you for visiting – and if you left a comment with some kind of reflection or thought – extra big Thank You – with a cherry on top!

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  1. I love ‘Firm Grip’ the most, I love the colors, the stripy images and that labelpart, gorgeous! Other favorites: ‘Welcome To My World’, ‘The Art of Messy Play’ (messy and colorfull :) ) and ‘Ready To Make a Jump’ for the brightness of color, the frog, the Japanese marks and the title, actually I just like the whole thing :)

  2. I love “Welcome to My World” because the little girl and the dog look like they are having fun playing hide and seek in the collage! Also “The Art of Messy Play” just because the colors are so bright and fun and the scribbling just gives it an overall playful look.

  3. “Messy Play” is my favorite. It makes me feel happy when I look at it. Second favorite is “Welcome to My World” because of the pink circles. The rest of them are a bit to dark (color wise) for me. Love your work. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for leaving such a nice comment Rita, it makes me happy to know that my collages can evoke happy feelings in others too. What an awesome thing art can be.

  4. Your inspiration is always so varied. I’m very admiring by the success of your work!
    My best this week is “Find me in the BohoLounge” I like the coulors and the eyes so
    mysterious. I like so “Welcome to my world” it’s pleasant to meet the “human” in your work (and I like pink). Bravo for the originality of the titles.

  5. The Art of Messy Play is my favorite I think. I love the looseness of it and those green circles kind grab me. I also love/hate Ready to make a Jump. I have a love/hate relationship with frogs. I think they are pretty to look at but they are unpredictable and have been known to jump into your face when not being well held by a cruel little sister who knows you fear them ! ;) Love the greens too !
    Happy Creating, You talented Lady !

    • Thanks Kim! And sorry that you fear frogs, to me they entice feeling of “hope”, and when ever I see one I want to hold it and pet it… :-) I am still looking for the right one to kiss, that will turn into a prince.

  6. Well, hard to choose this week – this is a stellar grouping and I like the variety of color and subject in each of them. I think this is one of your strongest groups and I really like them! My fave might be Boho lounge or High End Thoughts…. And I’m always amazed at your titles – I think that’s harder than the collage sometimes!

    • Thanks Terrie! I looove coming up with titles, I guess it’s because I am a writer too, and adore (and collect) words as much as I do images, colors and patterns.

  7. Hi Hanna,
    I’ve been so busy and taking time away from the computer, so glad to see your collages again. LOVE THEM!!

    The messy play one is my favorite and then the first one. That frog one and title is cute too!

    Going to start doing these in 2014, thankful for the inspiration you give me !

  8. The first one with all the stray marks with a felt tip pen looks like the leftover paper from when you were testing the ink in your markers to see which ones still work. I always through those papers out and now I wish I never did.

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