Make a Snowflake

Self Portrait with Snowflakes

Invite your inner child out for a bit of winter crafting this week!

When snow won’t come to you, you have to make your own snow! That’s the new iHanna saying around here. Or, even better put; when snow flakes out on you, you’d better create some snowflakes on your own! And you may quote me on that.

A sweet friend of mine bought me some fun stamps and a magazine about paper crafts on her latest trip abroad. And when she came over we had a lovely time together paper crafting with my new stuff!

Free gift with magazine

With the magazine you got a free gift of a purple plastic thing and some paper patterns in the same cone shape. Even with the direction in the magazine we had a hard time figuring out how to use this “tool”…

Snowflakemaker thing

…back in schoool you just foleded a paper and cut a snowflake free-hand, but with the Snowflake Tool (!) it got a bit more complicated. That is until we figured out where to do the folds so that the paper fit inside the plastic ruler. Everything becomes easy once you know how, right?

Full on Crafting with papers

Once it was in there you use the patterns on top to draw where you then cut. In this way we got “amazing paper snowflakes” – and quite a few good laughs!

Taping them Up

It felt a bit like being back in kindergarten! And then my friend decided it was a great idea to tape all the snowflakes up – on my window! So now it feels like I live in kindergarten land too!

Snowflake in Sun  (Copyright Hanna Andersson 2013)

Here is my window, by sunshine, and by Swedish evening (pitch dark around five):

Snowflake window by day and by night  (Copyright Hanna Andersson 2013)

Without the tool we could’ve made paper snowflakes much quicker, but then again, without it we would never have had the idea to sit down to create these. So, in the end all is good and well in snowflake filled kindergarten land, and my inner child is purring with happiness.


Or as we said before we started: How-how-how?

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  1. How FUN!! These look great on your window! I never saw a tool for making these either…I can just imagine the laughs you had trying to figure it out! They turned out beautiful!

  2. hihihi… now I’ve read it :)
    They look sweet – and what counts is the good time you two had :)
    Cheers & Kram!

    • Jana, you will not believe this – but I want to make another paper star… I even cut strips. Can you scan the instructions and send me? I might be able to figure it out by looking at the pictures… Or maybe not, but I feel like trying. :-)

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