You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Plato

Birds from the office (Copyright Hanna Andersson, 2013)

Instead of going into a meeting at work, only equipped with a ball point pen and a notepad, lately I’ve been bringing a black marker with me too. Not for note taking, but for doodles. I, like many others, listen and concentrate much better when I can do something with my hands. And since I can’t bring my knitting (because it is at home most of the time) I bring a good pen. Love bringing a good pen to meetings these days!

Circles in side view by iHanna (Copyright Hanna Andersson, 2013)

Some birds and even bears have been born this way, but most of the time I doodle patterns. I love filling a whole page with repetitive forms. And then sometimes when I come home, if I feel inspired, I color them in.

Mandala Doodle by iHanna (Copyright Hanna Andersson, 2013)
Wonky Mandala Doodles.

Triangle Doodle by iHanna (Copyright Hanna Andersson, 2013)

Office Dot Doodle by iHanna (Copyright Hanna Andersson, 2013)
Office Dot Doodle that I colored in later. I just couldn’t resist those dots.

Or if I forget my black pen I grab a pink highlighter, and create a field of spring flowers:

Pink Field of Flowers Doodle by iHanna (Copyright Hanna Andersson, 2013)

Do you doodle at work too? Or do you do something else to be able to sit still and concentrate better?