Welcome in Mushroom Land! - by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

Welcome to my crafted little Mushroom Land…

Mushroom Land by iHanna

The Mushrooms stand tall here in Mushroom Land. With their red hats on they sparkle with happiness. They always keeps guard in the forest. No intruders can pass them, so only kind creatures dance in the morning mist. Wee Christmas spirits, toys, softies, elves, creative gals and other fairy tale creatures with wings… On occasion also the snowman. He is so polite that he is always welcome to Mushroom Land, especially in December! Everyone needs a hug in December.

Mushroom Land by iHanna

It had been snowing so the snowman kind of glided in, visiting in the forest, bringing his cheerful kind way. He was like a promise of better days, of wrapped gifts and family gatherings around the fire. Everyone wanted to hug him, but by morning all the snow melted and reveled the Mushrooms again.

Mr Snowman visiting in Mushroom Land, made by iHanna

Mr. Snowman agreed to stay a while though, at least until Christmas, because he felt at home in the forest. Who wouldn’t?

Christmas land is served - photo by iHannaWhat it this all about you ask? It’s my pretend place, all shiny and new but oh, so tiny. It’s created with this week’s Flea market finds and a bit of moss put together on a tray, and there you go.

Served with December Feelings and a hint of Crafty Magic.

In Mushroom Land

The house you can spot in the middle of Mushroom Land came in a box of lots of little houses. I bought it for my dad’s Tiny World, the little Alp Town with Mrklin trains (but I’m borrowing it for now). It is plastic and made in Germany, we think it’s 1950-ish. The red mushrooms came in a bouquet from the huge table with Christmas ornaments at the thrift shop, and so did the wooden snowman.

I love this miniature forest and I wish I was a little little girl so that I could walk into the forest and get lost… just for a few hours…


Can you smell the forest?

A while back I found the flickr group Mushroom Mania and joined, you should come visit too! [via Hummmlan]