I sometimes think of my art journal as a magical fantasy world. Like a physical place that you can visit any time you choose. I think the more you visit this Magical Kingdom the more of what happens there you can bring back with you, into your regular life. I think that any creativity that you let out inside your art journal will stay with you, and eventually after a few years it will start to rub of to your other life. It might even become your regular world.

That’s why Art Journaling (or keeping a sketchbook or what ever you choose to call your notebook) is such an awesome habit. It creates artists of regular people, like you and me!

In Art Journal Word pink elephants pass you by on bikes and the sky can be any color you choose. Roses grow over your head, and birds chirp because you’re there…

Art journal spread: Elephant on a bike

It’s a world available to anyone who takes the time to visit it and stay for a while to create something, anything.

You have to leave the creations in there, but you get to bring back some of the magic with you.

Art journal spread: Paper Story

It will start to influence the way you decorate your house, the way you dress, the way you see the world. I know, because it happened to me.

Art Journal Spread: P for perfect

My life is an ongoing Paper Love Story. What is your life about?