Every man’s work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.
Samuel Butler

Isn’t Tissue Paper Collage fun? Here is another spread in my Art Journal where I’m using that yummy painted tissue paper:

Climbing Raccoon, a
Tissue paper experiment, spread 2, featuring stripes of tissue paper, both patterned and gesso painted ones. I thought the collage looked unfinished and not very cohesive so in the end I doodled all over it with crayons and then I liked it better…

Beloved toys
Violette asked in a comment on my crazy journal drawings what colors I use. The acrylics are just cheap paints from all over, but some of my favorite colors are from the Caran d’Arche Water Soluble Crayons. I buy one every now and then because a whole pack is too expensive, but some day… Each color is so yummy! I really recommend you to try them out.

I know it’s hard to see how the layers are built up, but maybe a close up will help:

Patterned tissue paper
Layers of tissue paper. Åshild, can you detect the paper I got from you in the paper pack gift you sent me? :-) The white lace is one of my beloved deco tapes.

Blue bird postal stamp (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
I love this image of three playing children, a dog and a blue bird. It’s a Chinese postal stamp that I once scanned, enlarged and printed in quite a few copies.

Family photo copy
A photocopied photography. It’s a family photo from my grandmothers photo album

I Love You
Dear Art Journal, I don’t know if I tell you this enough, but I love you!

Hugs and Kisses
XOXO to all of you, and a special b/w greeting for Michelle Ward: XOXOXO!

Have a great weekend!