More Tissue Paper Collage in my Art Journal

Every man’s work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.
Samuel Butler

Isn’t Tissue Paper Collage fun? Here is another spread in my Art Journal where I’m using that yummy painted tissue paper:

Climbing Raccoon, a
Tissue paper experiment, spread 2, featuring stripes of tissue paper, both patterned and gesso painted ones. I thought the collage looked unfinished and not very cohesive so in the end I doodled all over it with crayons and then I liked it better…

Beloved toys
Violette asked in a comment on my crazy journal drawings what colors I use. The acrylics are just cheap paints from all over, but some of my favorite colors are from the Caran d’Arche Water Soluble Crayons. I buy one every now and then because a whole pack is too expensive, but some day… Each color is so yummy! I really recommend you to try them out.

I know it’s hard to see how the layers are built up, but maybe a close up will help:

Patterned tissue paper
Layers of tissue paper. Åshild, can you detect the paper I got from you in the paper pack gift you sent me? :-) The white lace is one of my beloved deco tapes.

Blue bird postal stamp (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
I love this image of three playing children, a dog and a blue bird. It’s a Chinese postal stamp that I once scanned, enlarged and printed in quite a few copies.

Family photo copy
A photocopied photography. It’s a family photo from my grandmothers photo album

I Love You
Dear Art Journal, I don’t know if I tell you this enough, but I love you!

Hugs and Kisses
XOXO to all of you, and a special b/w greeting for Michelle Ward: XOXOXO!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. These pages are beautiful. You’re so inspiring, Hanna. I’m a tissue paper hoarder and if anything is polka-dotted, I must buy it (ha). I love that white lace deco tape. It totally caught my eye!

  2. Love the way you used the tissue paper. And the crayon scribbling seems perfect for the page. Can you tell me where you got the lace deco tape? Is it sort of transparent?

  3. Zura, the best deco tapes are transparent and very fun to use as the last layer on top of things. I got mine from Japan, bought at etsy. Click on the link in this post to the post where I wrote about deco tapes and you might find the link to the seller there. Otherwise just search for deco tape at Etsy or Ebay. I have black lace one too. Fun stuff! :-)

  4. fantastic art!!!!you are a great artist! please visit my blog whenever you can! i’d like your opinion!
    thank you!

  5. ooooh! more fabulous colorful pages. i was scrolling down through thinking to myself how cool they must be in real life, and how i would love to run my fingers across to see how many layers are there…and then you surprised me with that simple favorite message…and in *the best* colors too! thanks luv :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Love all of your pictures, as always =)
    Funny how coincidents appear. I just recently bought a roll of sandwhich paper, which is very similar to your tissue paper. When the March Challenge on Art Journaling said “listen to the music” I got out my credit card and scraped acrylic color all over the paper (see here:
    But when I used it in collage, the color would dissolve and smeare other scraps. What kind of color did you use to color your paper? Do you know any varnish or something, that would prevent my color from dissolving?
    I haven’t said it yet, but yours is definetly my favorite blog I’m following and I tend to almost always buy the books you are reviewing ^^

  7. Hi Julia, thanks for commenting. I’m so glad my book reviews are useful when you pick books – that means a lot to me! I don’t know if there is some plastic in the sandwich paper (to prevent the grease to smear?) that makes the paint not stick enough, or if it’s the watercolors you used that smeared? I painted mine with a layer of gesso and then acrylic paint on that, after it dries they are all waterfast! :-) Take care!

  8. Hi Hanna,
    seeing your pages makes me want to pull out my neglected journals! Today it’s raining and I did just THAT. Spent all day playing and really got lost in it all. I wish I would make more time to do it daily…I just love the whole process!
    Thanks for all your inspiration always!

  9. Thanks for the quick reply =)
    I’ll experiement a little more with different colors, gesso and if that doesn’t hep, different paper too.
    have a lovely sunday

  10. OH what a feast of color you have here, hanna! just beautiful and so inspiring ! you are going directly onto my sidebar and my google reader!

  11. Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Your art journal makes me want to work more with my own!

    (har l?nkat till dig fr?n min blogg, hoppas att det ?r ok?)

  12. Thanks for commenting! Aimee, your blog has been in my Link Love list for quite a while, so glad you’ll be enjoying mine!

    Metamorphosis, thanks! I’m delighted that you are linking to my blog, thank you! Y0urs is beautiful too, adore the rainbow tunic you designed – wow! Extremely cool. :-)

  13. I love your journal. It’s an amazing work ! I just discovered this form of art and I can’t wait to delve in

  14. such fun and colorful journal pages :)
    i love japanese tape too, do you have washi tape? i like the variety of colors and patterns offered, and it’s very nice quality.

  15. i heart those crayons! and i do the same, i buy one by one, i think it is chaeper and then it allows me to experiment with every cingle one of them for a while ;-)
    wonderful colorful layers!

  16. So much fun stuff in your tissue paper play ! Love it Hanna !
    Isn’t that transparant yet durable paint paper sweet to work with ?
    Always inspiring to visit you, Miss Hanna !
    Cheers !

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