An Art Journal Can be filled with just about Anything, and the rules you set up for yourself are there to help guide you towards your next page. If you don’t feel like following your own rules, then just ignore them. Don’t let rules, or ideas about what this artsy journal should be about, hinder you!

Art Journaling Can be just about anything made by iHanna

I found a a few spreads from this hand bound art journal, and I don’t think I’ve shared them with you, so here we go with a long post of happy imagery. At least it all seams to be happy to me.

In these spreads you can see a huge variate – within the same journal – of the things I like to add into my art journal. I’ve added in a bit of just about everything I have in my stash, from my paint and pencil to collage and memorabilia.

Art Journaling Can be Happy made by iHanna

An Art Journal Can be filled with pretty quotes and other’s people’s knitted art (I’m a huge fan of Lisa Anne Auerbach’s art sweaters) if it inspires you. It can be a place to save cute book illustrations, like this deer, or a place where you draw garden fairies in yellow dresses…

Art Journaling can be fantasy and saving cute illustrations made by iHanna

Its not about breaking the rules. It is about abandoning the concept of rules altogether.
Paul Lemberg

iHanna Quote image: It's about abandoning the concept of rules altogether

It can be a place where there is room to be sad. And room to be really joyful and happy. And sometimes, much to my suprice, it is a place where elephants come floating through air…

Art Journaling Can be Sad made by iHanna

…blowing bubbles and looking very perplexed. I love these elephants, but I have no idea where they came from!

Art Journaling an be flying Elephants made by iHanna
The Flying Elephant made by iHanna

And sometimes on rare occasions I even draw from life. I wish it happened more often, but I’m not an illustrator in that way… But just look, what a pretty spread a simple mug and a flower can be:

Art Journaling can be sketching from life

So you see, art journaling can be anything your heart desires. An Art Journal Can be filled with just about Anything! It is a marvelous thing, if you let it be.

I hope you feel inspired by these spreads in my art journal.

Here are some details of the above pages:

Art Journalin Details made by @ihanna

Wishing you a great day!