Inspire me Thursday is a blog where you get a artsy theme each Thursday to act upon, in any way you want to.

Music inspiration
Listen to me bird song.

This weeks Inspire me Thursday the theme was Non-Visual Art Form: Music. I think I’m late posting this page that I made in my art journal yesterday, but what the heck. It was the inspire me Thursday that inspired it anyway.

Sheets of music and bird that are singing. It might be missing some paint, but I’ll leave it like this for now and maybe add some more colour later on.

Par moi! And last week the theme was Child’s play as suggested by me. I didn’t have time to do anything then, but now I’ve spent some art journaling time at my desk:

Inspire me Thursday Child’s Play

Childs play
Child’s play. Childhood is lost for ever, but bubbling within me, bursting out into pools of pink and sparkly laughter. Childhood is lost for ever, but don’t loose the ability to child’s play.

Let’s play today!