the Sketchbook Project | Blue grid and some rain

Blue grid II
Blue grid #2. Newspaper crossword squares, pencil lines, washi tape with blue grid, blue envelope lining, ballpoint squares, illustration from a vintage school book and some watercoloured blue imaginary bar chart with numbers.

Just a play with scraps of paper, letting them form a grid, using lines. Thinking of nothing in particular, just experimenting a bit…

Wow! 28,592 artists?!

Last year there were 3,600 artists in the project. This year, there are an astonishing 28,592 artists participating from 94 countries around the world!
[via arthousecoop]

Can you even imagine that many filled sketchbooks in the same place? Traveling around in a enormous exhibition? And how many artworks those books contain? OMG!

Here is another, a bit more organic, spread in my book;

Lines of rain
Lines of rain, from my Sketchbook Project.

I need to fill the first and last couple of pages in the sketchbook and then figure out what to do about the cover. How does your sketchbook cover look? I would very much like to finish this project before December… I’m not sure I will have the time to do it though, but it would leave a good feeling… :-)

Take care!

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  1. Melydia, there is plenty of time. Can’t you try my approach: keep it simple? :-) Give it a try now! Nudge nudge!

    Edit: And the number of willing artist are still incredible even though not all of us will be able to finish the sketchbook and send it in in time. It is the thought that counts! :-)

  2. Wow I’m proud of you! You just keep at it. I had no idea there were so many participants… I wonder how many of them haven’t even started yet… I am their queen!! Man I need to get moving if I think I’ll ever get something put together for this… I’m starting to panic!

  3. i am so impressed by your sketchbook pages! i drew a blank when i saw your theme and would not have known what to do for it but you keep coming up with amazing ideas! i painted the cover of my sketchbook but have not done anything else with it (the cover) yet. my goal is to finish the whole thing by the end of november, like you, but i still have several pages to complete.

  4. Best Laid plans! I went to sign up a day late. :-o

    I love these crisp blue and white pages! Inspiring as always.

    Thanks Hanna. I will be watching your book evolve with interest and cheerlead from the sidelines this year.

    Go Hanna!
    Go ART!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Genevieve, even if one is not participating, I think it is a great practice to set a theme for one self and “fill” a small sized notebook with trials and sketches for bigger work. It is interesting to work on a theme like this me thinks. :-)

  6. I am leaving my cover for last! It’s getting spots and stuff on it! I’ll probably cover them all up, but I may leave them and turn it in that way!

    I had no idea there were that many participants. That’s really something, Hanna!

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