Blue grid II
Blue grid #2. Newspaper crossword squares, pencil lines, washi tape with blue grid, blue envelope lining, ballpoint squares, illustration from a vintage school book and some watercoloured blue imaginary bar chart with numbers.

Just a play with scraps of paper, letting them form a grid, using lines. Thinking of nothing in particular, just experimenting a bit…

Wow! 28,592 artists?!

Last year there were 3,600 artists in the project. This year, there are an astonishing 28,592 artists participating from 94 countries around the world!
[via arthousecoop]

Can you even imagine that many filled sketchbooks in the same place? Traveling around in a enormous exhibition? And how many artworks those books contain? OMG!

Here is another, a bit more organic, spread in my book;

Lines of rain
Lines of rain, from my Sketchbook Project.

I need to fill the first and last couple of pages in the sketchbook and then figure out what to do about the cover. How does your sketchbook cover look? I would very much like to finish this project before December… I’m not sure I will have the time to do it though, but it would leave a good feeling… :-)

Take care!