New scissors

I was trying out my new scissor the other day, and they are really sharp and great. I’ve been doing some paper craft this weekend, plus sewing for the Christmas fairs I’m attending this year. I’m so looking forward to those, and to Christmas. I’m even thinking about doing some Christmas craft this year, if I can cram it in between everything.

Anyway, this post is about found internet inspiration… I simply need to share some great links that I have found the past month – sharing is what I like doing best with ya all! Hope you don’t mind.

Green art journal page by iHanna 2006
Green page from my art journal.

Inspiration link love

Here goes:

  • Yarn Harlot has written down a pattern for a simple but very cool scarf
  • Megan Noël has a lot of cool stuff on her homepage, and beautiful pictures can be found at her news page (I adore those “free form” knitted scarfs and illustrations)
  • Like Japanese stuff? Visit Puchi Maiko Shop, and buy or get inspired there (I was)
  • More Japanese at Jbox, I really want a waiving Lucky cat and some Totoro items, hehe.
  • Found Kirin notebook (kirin means giraffe in Japanese!) which is both cutely designed and has nice content, I have to follow all of her links in the Bookbinding post!
  • Do you like beautiful designed homepages? Visit Soal Food Cafe, a site about creative writing
  • At you can get a free blog with the same system that I use, and you can find mixed media tagged blogs here!
  • Another Girl at Play is such a great site, I should start a similar one for Sweden! Or find out if it exist something like this and join! I also have to check out all their Useful links and resorces! So much to read.
Art journal page by iHanna made in 2006

Have fun!