AEDM collages
Collage from 5 -12th of November 2010, ongoing Art Every Day this month by iHanna.

Every Second Day…

I should call my project art every second day, because that is what it always becomes. I am not an every-day-kind of girl no matter how much I try, I just am too tired some days. Or I prioritize other things, like reading in bed in the evening when I come home. But I don’t mind. I keep going. I am persistent. I keep coming back. I keep wanting to fill that square surface with my own ideas.

Some days I prepare the next collage by starting it a little bit, adding a few pieces to the background. Or picking out a few scraps that I make a small might-use-pile from, on my desk. Other days I just do two cards using similar materials. It is all enjoyable, when it happens. When a collage doesn’t happen on some days, I enjoy other things, or I fall asleep early. ;-)

Wanna see each of the collages, they are after the jump!

Collage: What a ride it was
Collage: And now what
Collage: Seven button smile

Collage 8/11: Happy birthday wishes
Collage: On our street
Collage: A few of my favorite things

Collage11: Diffusion
Collage 12: Visibility
Collage 13: Breeze

My least liked are #5 and #12, but all the rest are kind of new collage favorites. I really like the two last ones above, pink and white collages. They are so very light that they almost don’t have any contrasts. They look way cooler IRL, because of the gesso and paint texture but they didn’t come out very nice scanned.

They’ve all got their titles written on the back. They are: 5 November: What a ride it was, 6 Nov And now what, 7 Nov Seven button smile, 8 Nov Happy birthday wishes, 9 NovOn our street, 10 Nov A few of my favorite things, 11 Nov Diffusion, 12 Nov Visibility and 13th of November Breeze.

Collages for sale

All collages are available for 20 USD/each, and that includes shipping. But I won’t put all of them up my Etsy Shop, I just don’t have the time, please just let me know which one you want and I will send a paypal invoice to you directly! These four collages are also for sale, in case you liked those.

PS: Creative nudge
#10: collect good words. Do you collect words? I do, I do! One of my favorite words is chandelier. Another favorite is a abundant.
Check in what others are doing at day 18 of Art Every Day month too.