When I speak of writing, the image that comes first to my mind is not a novel, a poem, or a literary tradition; it is the person who shuts himself up in a room, sits down at a table, and alone, turns inward. Amid his shadows, he builds a new world with words.
Orhan Pamuk

Moleskine Notebook - the diary of @iHanna

You might remember my filled and overfull diary, one Moleskine Blank Notebook, that I’ve mentioned before? A fellow blogger linked to the post about my filled diary and said something about how curious she was about the inside! What was my diary filled with? How does the inside look? It got me thinking and as I was re-reading a few entries and browsing the pages I wished I could share it all with someone, someone like you. Someone curious, creative, longing for inspiration… But for the most part I can’t do that.

Moleskine Notebook - the diary of @iHanna

I can’t and don’t want to, because my diary is private (and most of my writing within it is therefor not crafted for other eyes but mine)! It’s written for my eyes only (and not very interesting for anyone else I think). Some of it even feels like secrets, at least nothing I’d share with the whole world (not that everyone comes by but anyone has the potential to do it and sometimes that scares the shit out of me!). But something perhaps?

Would you like a little glimpse into my private diary? Tag along then. I’m sharing my decoration drawings (train doodles mostly) and a few quotes that I’ve scribbled within these pages to remember. I thought it would still some of your curiosity but mostly I hope they will inspire you to open up your own notebook and start filling it…

I did take a few snapshots that I want to share here, one creative soul to another….

The Dodo page - in the diary of @iHanna
A collage page about being vulnerable and special… A wrapped up girl who needs more sleep (me) and the Dront (me); a large, clumsy, flightless bird (Raphus cucullatus), formerly of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, that has been extinct since the late 17th century.

From the Answers site, the Dodo is extinct – but their reputation didn’t die;

With the image of the dodo in mind, speakers of English have used dodo ever since as a four-letter word to express exasperation with a stupid person or stupid behavior. Reflection on the fate of the bird gave us, as early as 1904, a proverbial phrase, dead as a dodo, to go along with the much earlier dead as a doornail or dead as a herring.

His faith makes me want to cry! Who was the stupid one?

More details;

Moleskine Diary
A few lines from a interview with an illustrator whose name I’ve forgotten. Out of context and glued into my private diary these words is about me and my life, not him.

Moleskine Diary
Didn’t start using my Deutsch Daily Calendar that I got after Christmas last year, but I’ve taken out some of the overview pages (monthly) and taped them into my ongoing diary. It works rather well and on the backside I’ve written random stuff too.

Moleskine Diary
Another quote I like; Time is a better recourse to have than money. Hear hear!

Moleskine Diary
Another quote.

Moleskine Diary

Moleskine Diary
When my life stinks, I like to just say;

– Blääääää!

Like it did today on so many levels. Blä!

Quote From Keyes
A quote about being 30+ and rather stay at home alone eating ice cream – from a favorite author of mine, Marian Keyes. I re-read her book Sushi for beginners recently but it was not at all as good as I remembered it.

I’m sitting here with After Eight chocolate, a few pink cookies from granma and a cup of hot black coffee. Each taste is divine and I’m grateful for what I have. Smilla is sleeping and the night is getting closer. I’m thinking about all the stories I want to tell. Photograph, draw, write down, share…. Each minute beholds so many different stories that I will never have time to tell. Off course I’m grateful for seeing and experiencing many of them (especially today when I broke my glasses and felt as I’d gone blind) but I can also feel sadness for not being able to record it all. I think this feeling is coming from a place inside of me that feels not synced with the now. I feel left behind, with so many items on my to-do-list that I kind of run all the time but stand still at the same time. I need to catch up, I guess that’s what next week is for. A trip I was going on got canceled and I now have that time. Will a week be enough? Is a week ever enough for anything? :-)

There will be more pages details tomorrow!