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New Year, New Diary

It’s a new year, actually a whole new decade! I have high hopes that this year and the coming decade will be filled with dreams coming true and hope for the future blossoming in new generations. But when I think of all the things I want to create I get a little overwhelmed. There are […]

On Deep Writing

This week I am finding my way back to writing by hand. At night I’ve been opening my diary and writing about this and that and nothing special. And it feels extremely good. Diary writing is something I do regularly and always come back to. If I don’t do it for a while I miss […]

Journaling Saves

Kristin Donovan has published an interview with yours truly at her blog Journaling Saves, check it out! During the past months Kristin’s blog about journaling has become one of my absolute favorites, and I read every post she writes. I guess it is because I looove journaling and have always done so. Long before I […]

Inspiration for writing Poetry in your Diary

I’ve read Diana M. Raab’s soft cover poetry book a few evenings now. I think it’s hard to say anything about the poetry itself, because poetry is so personal and sometimes even mystifying. Reviewing it is difficult. I like some of the poems as they make me smile, others I don’t even understand and some […]

How to find the answers you need

I realized I had to make things; it was no longer just a hobby. It became my new anti-depressant. Lisa Congdon * What do you want next month to bring your way? What will next year be about for you? Read on, because it is never to early to ponder some big (and smaller) questions […]

The path to follow

The theme from Studio Friday today is Lost and found. There is only on thing that I constantly keep loosing and then finding again, and that is the high thoughts of my own value. It is such a beautiful thing, and yet so difficult to remember. In Sweden anything you say about yourself is considered […]