Calendar, Cat and a Pink October

Smilla on the veranda

Happy birthday to Smilla, movie star diva cat #1! She is 3 years old today (!) and she told me that she sends her love to everyone who watched her movie debut and commented so kindly. Fun fun fun!

Painting on the veranda

Inspired by Tracy’s calendar pages I drew September in my journal last month and all the little squares are now filled with doodles and words. I’ve never liked the calendars you buy because they are so gray and boring or too big or too heavy or… something else. Instead I want to print my own when I need them, though right now this simple overview is all I need.

Oktober i min dagbok
My drawn calendar shows just enough of the future for me to handle. I made October while watching Jacky Chan movies this weekend!

More October Inspiration

  • BluebirdOctober 2007 desktop picture – new decoration for your computer is always fun, and this is cute!
  • Pink for October – breast cancer awareness everywhere this month. Time to put on the pink ribbon!
  • Buy a friend a book week starts today, October 1st. But I really think it’s a bit too commercial. Buy new, buy buy – bye! I’m having a Give a friend a book week instead. Look through your shelves and give away a book for no good reason at all! [found via]

My new calendar page
Inspiration for your art journal (even more links to click on):

  • Danny Gregory is writing a new book called An Illustrated Life, you can preview it here. Lots of cool journals and artists in there!
  • Calendar Journal Pages by Tracy as mentioned above. She has been doing them for a while and all together they look so cool. Love this set of photos!
  • More cool arty stuff here: tribambuka
  • Art journal inspiration: Rand Feuerhel-Watts journal pages -found these today. Very cool and lots to look at!
  • Anne Is – Writing combined with art? I’m checking this site out right now.
  • Jen of Swallow field does beautiful art, just what she calls her “doodles” is amazing stuff! Go take a look!
  • Yesterday I spent quite some time at Johanna’s Art Gallery of drawings. A lot of cute cats and fantasy there! Great site and easy to navigate, I like it a lot.
  • And a journal recipe to stir together. I love them!

Cup o' art

Wishing you a Happy October!

8 Responses

  1. Happy October and a very Happy Birthday to beautiful Smilla!
    Does she get a birthday treat?

  2. Hej Hanna! Vilka underbara bilder! Blir varm i hj?rtat av att bara se dom =) Kul att du kollat in v?ra bloggar. Vi jobbar tappert vidare. Hoppas att det g?r bra f?r dig och att du snart hittar det d?r dr?mjobbet! Stoor kram!

  3. Happy birthday to Smilla, it’s great that you can go for a walk with her like that, my cat just goes down the balcony and into the bushes, whoops, she disappeared!… She would go mad if i tried to put a leash on her.
    Yeah, and Jackie Chan’s films rock! ^^

  4. Happy birthday, Smilla! Love your October page … I haven’t done a calendar page in ages and just might have to make a quick one for this month. I love how you made each square a bit different … will try this, too.

  5. Marvelous post as always Hanna! Happy birthday Smilla!!! xoxo I love that photo of your art journal stuff on that table…so inviting and serene! Lovely! Hey dearest I will be over here at LJ till I pay my darn blog bill lol

    Love you!


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