Collecting Snow Globes

I have a very small collection of Snow globes in my Christmas box, that we take down each year in December (although not last year because the living room was a mess after moving here.

My small collection of Snow Globes (photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna)

I think that Snow globes are such a darling cute thing, and I’ve always liked them. I don’t think I had any as a kid, but one of the first years I lived away from home, I bought myself a big snow globe with an angel in. It might have been my first Christmas decoration as an adult…

I can’t find a photo of it right now, but I will share one later when I can.

Snow globes from above (photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna)

Snow globes are like a little miniature world inside a glass dome. I think they beat any Santa, Elf, or any of the other Christmas decorations I can think of right now (except twinkling lights, those I love too)…

A small cute Snow globe angel (photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna)

But of course, anything miniature is always cute, right?

Three small Christmas ornaments (photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna)

And being in a white snow landscape is also very magical. I wish that you all could have been here in the beginning of the week. It was so beautiful, with every bare tree branch covered in white fluff.

Now it’s raining, and probably a white Christmas is not within reach this year (here), but a bit north from here there is a lot of white snow. And inside my miniature snow globes, it’s always snowing…

Christmas Tree and Santa on Sled (photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna)

I continue to jump between being (and embracing being) a Collector and being a Minimalist (or at least wanting to embrace the “more is less” scene). But of course a couple of rather small snow globes is not a huge collection either, so maybe I can be both? ;-)

Last year I got these two wooden figures, made around the same time I was born probably.  Mom found them when thrifting, and they are now in my collection of Christmas things in the attic… It’s Santa and mrs Santa:

Wooden figurines from the 70s (photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna)

I’m also a big fan of tinsel… and on my wish list is one of those snow globes that features a pink flamingo…

What is your favorite thing to decorate with in December?

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  1. For many, many years “Santa” put a snowglobe in each of the children’s stockings at Christmas (or sometimes next to the stocking if it was too large to fit inside) – we have six grown kids and many, many snowglobes now. Some have broken, some were taken to the kids’ new adult homes, but most are still here.

    My oldest grandson helped with the Christmas decorating last weekend (we’re way behind schedule) and discovered all of the snowglobes. He’s in love and he NEEEEEEDS one.

    I thought to myself, no problem – I can get a really inexpensive one at Walgreens or CVS and that can be his first one. If he still loves them next year, we’ll get him one that’s more elaborate and special… but there are no snowglobes at either CVS or Walgreens near me. The ones at the grocery store are very adult and completely NOT right for a six year old boy.

    Who would have guessed we would have so much trouble finding a simple snowglobe after all of those years of buying six different ones each year?

    I just ordered one on Amazon… well two because I am pretty sure his 1 1/2 year old brother is going to need one, too. :-)

  2. I don’t decorate the house much but I have white branches with little twinkle-lights in a vase together with some Eucalyptus branches… and of course a candle on the table but that is there whole year ’round. I always loved snow-balls too but don’t own any. I’m sort of a ‘less is more’ minimalist too (and my beloved definitely is! He doesn’t like decorations AT ALL, which makes me the perfect person for him to live with, ha!)

  3. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it all year long. I love Christmas decorations! From the Christmas dishes my grandmother gave my mom, and my mom gave me a few years ago, to both indoor and outdoor Christmas lights – I love it all! Even my Star Wars action figures on display become festive this time of year with mini Santa hats, sleds, and lights.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful snow globes with us!! We have rain and not snow where we are, too. But, like you said, it’s always a winter wonderland in a snow globe!

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