365 Collages | Week 9

Collage: Bright in Your Eyes

These are the collages of week nine, which was two weeks ago. I’m a bit behind because I actually made the last four today and scanned them just now… But I’m super excited to have them scanned and added to the collage box. I also love sharing them with you guys!

When I was out walking today it was about minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit- in March!) and the road was partly extremely icy and dangerous. I think it’s very evident in these collages, that I made after that walk, that I long for spring! Winter – give up!

Collage: Peeking Through
Peeking Through

Collage: Old Love Never Rusts
Old Love Never Rusts. The title is a direct translation of an old Swedish saying about love: Gamma kärlek rostar aldrig…

Collage: Life Fire
Life Fire

Collage: Pattern at Play
Pattern at Play. I thought about naming this one “Pattern Kindergarten”, not sure the meaning of that would be as clear? But I think it’s funny so I’ll probably save that title for another collage.

Collage: Spring Kiss
Spring Kiss

Collage: Starting Over
Starting Over

Thanks for your comments on this project where I’m trying to make seven collages each week, and especially for those on week 8. I’d love to know which of these you like best and why in the comments. And if you feel like making a few collages this weekend consider signing up for the Postcard Swap and if you blog about it share your links here! Thank you!

7 Responses

  1. I love Old Love Never Rusts. The title itself is just fab, and I love the rosy cheeks you added onto the man’s face. :)

  2. spring kiss appeals to me ……..a romantic promise of things to come.
    i like that the lips are the focal point……..& since beginning this challenge i am taking more notice of green, using it more often , & feeling less afraid of it.
    you seem to get the right balance of colour when you use it.

  3. your collages always make me so happy! so full of color and life. (I hope you bring a few of them to Glue it Tuesday :))

  4. I so love seeing your collages on Flickr…collage is my first love. You color are GORGEOUS…really fun too.
    I also noticed that you must have similar weather to us, here in Minnesota, where we have gotten cold again just as we had a brief glimpse of spring.

  5. All your collages are always so beautiful & so exactly ‘right’ , as they should be. They make me feel happy & inspired. My faves? The bright ones, definitely, like Starting over and Pattern at Play. Thks for sharing :)

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