Simplifying the process

Collage: First day
First Day, collage made by iHanna on January 1st 2013.

This was the first collage of the year in the 365 in 2013 challenge, now also known as the 365 somethings – open for those of you who wants to join in and challenge yourself!

I tend to add in many very small bits on one rather small collage, these are 12×12 centimeters (4,7×4,7″). It’ because I love layering and colours. But it’s also fun to simplify sometimes. In the above collage, First Day, I’ve used many different kinds of brown paper, but not much else. I really like how calming and warm it looks! I think many of my collages this year will have to be simpler, calmer & quicker. Otherwise I will not be able to make 365 of them.

Today I’m contemplating what to do with all the collages I create this year… Last time I was dreaming of seeing them all together on an exhibition wall. Now I know how difficult it is to be an unknown artist with few connections. So if I could sell some of them as the year passes that would be such a encouragement (and economic help).

I think of my square collages as my beloved artwork, and would love to know at least some of them will be framed and hung on someones wall. I love each piece I make, but I don’t need to keep all of them. And never want that, I want to create them for others to decorate with! Therefor I would love to sell them! I already know I will have a hard time just finish them, so listing them on Etsy is not an option. Maybe I could sell them via the blog in some way? What do you think?

I always scan each collage, name the file by date and title, save it in a folder, and then this time I also want to share it on the blog in some way. A weekly post with all new collages perhaps is the (best) way. But I’m sure I will get behind and feel stressed about all the collages I haven’t posted…

Tammy is joining, and I’m so thrilled that she and many of you are too! She has created a flickr group called 365 somethings. Isn’t it a cute name? Though I’m also rather liking that my version of this project will (hopefully) consist of 365 collages in 2013! It feels so happy!

Also, I have decided to create a published book featuring my collages this year, I’m itching to see them together in some way, and also to work in series. More about that another time.

Would love your input on how to manage this thing/idea/project. Thanks!

* Some of my previous projects here.

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9 Responses to Simplifying the process

  1. I’ve stopped waffling and committed to 365 collages. This will be a great frame work for my year.

  2. Crisia says:

    Hi Hanna,

    Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration! It was only in December when I’ve discovered this blog, but it was such an awesome Christmas present (that’s why I say Santa Claus does exist – only he’s not fat, old fashioned and he’s not putting shopping-centre-presents under the tree :) )

    Following your great example, I’m challenging myself to write a post everyday on my photography blog ‘Photolicioux’ ( Although I love photography (and I’ve always thought I love writting too, as a matter of fact), it seems it will be a lot of work and a long voyage – but I really do hope I’ll be a better writer and I’ll know heaps on photography at the end of this year :)

    (A second challenge would be to redesign my other blog and to finish all the drafts in there, hehe)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Pernille says:

    I’m joining in too. Ive linked to your post about the project at my blog.
    I’m planning on making 365 art cards – postcard size.

  4. LOVE this.. great work.

  5. Siffe says:

    I have made my first 8 collage finish them today. You can find them on my blog.

    This time it is colourcollage! but made on homemade paperlinnen … maibe its not real collage but then its ‘somethings’

    Its exciting to follow your project and Im look foreward to read more about the book you want to publish ,,, I have the same idea in a way but not decide how

    Thanks for a inspiring blog

  6. I hadn’t got as far in my thinking as to consider what to do with all my projects at the end of the year. When I did a 365 photo project a couple years ago I created a photo book with all the pictures to commemorate that year of work. That’s a likely possibility, but I have to be sure to photo or scan everything I make in a high enough resolution for publication – especially if I give some away during the year. Just one more detail to figure out…. glad you raised the issue while there’s still time to plan.

  7. Meghan says:

    Couldn’t you say in your blog posts that each collage is for sale, and (if it makes sense) have an ongoing set price for each collage, then your readers can know they can buy from you (ie and pay via paypal).

  8. Chris says:

    Hanna, I’ve decided to go with collages, also. I have to admit, at first I was going to make doodles and patterns. But I think my hesitance to experiment with collages would really be helped by making little collages all year. I need practice with collages! What better way to get it, than with this simple daily practice. When the year started, I never thought I’d be jumping wholeheartedly into this. Thanks.

  9. I’ve decided to work with collages as well. I have boxes of images and words that I cut out of…everything. It’s time to incorporate them (and whatever other art materials are handy) into some some actual pieces on a regular basis. Thanks so much for the challenge!!

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