365 Collages | Week 26 | Connected by a Blue Circle

Abstraction - Collage no 176 by iHanna
Abstraction, collage by iHanna.

Six months of collages – wow! Because 26 and 26 is 52, right? I think that means that week 26 was the middle point of this journey. With 182 collages (182 + 182 + 1 = 365!) I’m halfway through the journey of making a collage for each day this year. Damn, that feels good!

There is no special theme in this week’s collages, just a blue circle that is repeating on a couple of them. And they are all named on the letter “A”, after my friend Jenny’s suggestion for easy naming. I thought it would be good to try this week when most of the collages are entirely abstract. Otherwise I often like to name “by association” while looking at them. Is “A” a good idea? Would we do B next? Or keep the randomness of titles perhaps? I like both ways.

Here’s week 26 of 2018, 7 new collages by yours truly:

Absolution - Collage no 177 by iHanna
Absolution, collage by iHanna.

Acquire - Collage no 178 by iHanna
Acquire, collage by iHanna.

Alchemy - Collage no 179 by iHanna
Alchemy (because the polka dots are on a gold foil paper, it’s hard to see in the scanned image), by iHanna.

Adding on - Collage no 180 by iHanna
Adding on, collage by iHanna.

Ambitious - Collage no 181 by iHanna
Ambitious, collage by iHanna.

Attempting to connect - Collage no 182 by iHanna
Attempting to connect, collage by iHanna.

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iHannas 365 Collages Week 26 in 2018 Copyright Hanna Andersson, Sweden #365somethings2018 #art

That’s seven A-collages for you.

365 Collages by iHanna

This project is part of my 365 Somethings 2018 and I call it 365 Collages by iHanna.

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Bonus collages: Feel free to leave me take a look at the 2013 week 26 (lots of browns) of collages, when I did a 365 project.

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  1. Huge congrats on the impressive milestone!! Six months of collages for every day!! Way to go, Hanna!! Thanks for inviting us to tag along in your journey!

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