Collage: Songs we Sang

Five weeks into the year and I still love this project of 365 Collages! And I’m keeping up, much to my own surprise. Today I cut up a new pile of cardstock to cover with bits of pretty papers to make new collages. My redesigned desk, the polka dot table, really makes me want to sit there and create more iHanna Art. It’s such a happy feeling to cut and paste, cut and paste!

If you hoover over the scanned collage image you will discover its title. Half the fun is coming up with the titles for me. I would love it if you tell me your favorite(s) in the comment section – and why you like that collage. Thank you in advance.

Collage: Sentinel of Sentimentality

Collage: Things Can Change

Collage: Things Will Change

Collage: Lost in Woodland

Collage: Elk Jungle

Collage: I can not See the End

Thanks for all your lovely comments on week 4! I love reading your collage comments! Now on with week six, right?

Oh also I would love to hear from those of you that are doing some kind of 365 challenge… How is it going?