365 Collages | Week 5

Collage: Songs we Sang

Five weeks into the year and I still love this project of 365 Collages! And I’m keeping up, much to my own surprise. Today I cut up a new pile of cardstock to cover with bits of pretty papers to make new collages. My redesigned desk, the polka dot table, really makes me want to sit there and create more iHanna Art. It’s such a happy feeling to cut and paste, cut and paste!

If you hoover over the scanned collage image you will discover its title. Half the fun is coming up with the titles for me. I would love it if you tell me your favorite(s) in the comment section – and why you like that collage. Thank you in advance.

Collage: Sentinel of Sentimentality

Collage: Things Can Change

Collage: Things Will Change

Collage: Lost in Woodland

Collage: Elk Jungle

Collage: I can not See the End

Thanks for all your lovely comments on week 4! I love reading your collage comments! Now on with week six, right?

Oh also I would love to hear from those of you that are doing some kind of 365 challenge… How is it going?

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  1. I love the last collage because it is so calming and reminds a bit of the barren feel of winter. I’m still going with my particular version of the 365/2013 challenge (creating 365 painted, drawn, sewn or scuplted characters). I’m not sure that people really get it but I’m having a lot of fun and that’s what matters.

  2. My favourite this week is the one with dictionary pages.
    My project is doing fine. I must admit, however, that my plan to make one everyday is not really working. but I am working on it. Anyway, thanks for this magic push, I am really enjoying the process so far :)

  3. Hi Hanna,
    Seeing your daily cards help keep me inspired, I always love your bright colors.

  4. I’ve been working on a monochromatic piece all day, so I’m really drawn to that final one. But I’m also loving the combination of colors and patterns in the first – the polka dot tissue is a lovely touch.

  5. I really like “Elk Jungle”, it just jumps out at you and makes you smile!

  6. I LOVE the title of the first collage but the second collage is my fave. Is it the Dutch words I discover there? (so you have a Swedish(?) – Dutch dictionary?!) or maybe the colours, that look like Spring is just around the corner. I might start a collage serie again too (did my ‘letters from the wasteland’ last year but that was a slightly different project) – it’s very tempting!

  7. Gorgeous collages. I’m impressed at how you’re keeping up with this. It will be so cool to have 365 collages at the end of the year!

  8. Your latest collages are all amazing!! I love them, the composition is fantastic, some are super colorful, and the one with the Moose… Well you are inspiring!

    I am doing some kind of 365 challenge by myself. I decided that I would do an everyday project every month. January was my “draw my cup of coffee everyday” challenge. I kept up with it, except maybe 3-4 days when I really couldn’t draw. I decided for february that it would be a selfportrait everyday, but I think I gave myself a challenge too difficult, because I drew myself on the first of feb, and then stopped. I think I might change the challenge to “selfportrait everyday”, but in any medium.

    I post my pictures on instagram, and feedback is always welcome :) Have a nice day, Hanna!

  9. My favourite collage is the last for its muted colours and rough-torn edges. The image of the waves also reminds me of a wonderful trip to the sea last fall. I love seeing your weekly collages, Hanna! They are always an inspiration.

  10. I’m so happy I found this project today, thank you so much!! I love the idea of the “make something every day” projects but I have mental health issues that tend to get in the way. This is a great project for me because I can easily make up for days missed on good days without feeling any guilt for missing 4 days in a row. I have a bit of catching up to do but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it.

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