Collage: Rose Garden III
Rose Garden III

My collages are getting more and more abstract, with no or few depicting images, at least this week of 365 collages this is the case. I love that development. I love playing with shapes, colours and patterns, combining them in different ways. I love my glue stick!

Sometimes I even cut apart an image to make it less obvious or legible. But naming the collages are getting harder, though I did my best with the ones I created today…

Collage: Variables

I hope you like them all, but I’d love to know if you find a favorite among them. Let me know in the comments!

Collage: Femail thoughts
Female thoughts

Collage: Annoying frogs
Annoying frogs

Collage: This Bird has Wings
This Bird has Wings

Collage: Spellbound

Collage: No vex today
No vex today

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