iHanna’s 365 Collage Project in 2018 is proceeding on the blog as usual, and in her life. If you’re not clicking over to visit the blog a couple of times each week, you’re missing out on the exciting adventure of cut and paste on squares…

Spelling bee - Collage no 183 by iHanna
Spelling bee, collage by iHanna.

We are now on Week 27 (collage number 183 to 189) and we’re visiting the interior decorating style called “shabby chic”, a kind of off-white, romantic country style of shabby furniture and gingham table clothes, with a vintage vase one the table full of pink roses (or peonies!) to finish of the look.

Can you see the rooms, the style, the welcoming atmosphere in these seven collages? Let me know in the comments, will ya? Coz I’m inviting you in for lemonade in chipped glasses and cookies made from grandma’s recipe…

Slow down - Collage no 184 by iHanna
Slow down, collage by iHanna.

Dont believe everything you read - Collage no 185 by iHanna
Don’t believe everything you read, collage by iHanna.

Before and after - Collage no 186 by iHanna
Before and after, collage by iHanna.

Sing it out loud - Collage no 187 by iHanna
Sing it out loud, collage by iHanna.

Try your very best - Collage no 188 by iHanna
Try your very best , collage by iHanna.

Learning in Tandem - Collage no 189 by iHanna
Learning in Tandem, collage by iHanna.

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iHanna's 365 Collages in 2018 Week 27 (183 to 189) - Copyright Hanna Andersson, Sweden #365somethings2018

365 Collages by iHanna

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Bonus collages: Feel free to leave me take a look at the 2013 week 27 of collages, when I did a 365 project.

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