Pop Art DIY Postcards

My handmade Postcards

I am finally sitting down to post some of the many photos I took while making postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap! Just looking at my messy desk above, filed with half finished postcards a few weeks back, makes me want to jump in and do another swap right away. I think I am loving this swap more and more for each year we do this! How about you?

My Handmade Postcards

I love sewing paper patchwork! I love making those patchworks into postcards! I’ve done similar postcards before, but this time I was really digging through the stash and some new magazines to find bright, pop art inspired illustrations and patterns. I wanted the look of modern, fun and sparkly (without actually adding glitter).

Lots of DIY Postcards (Copyright Hanna Andersson 2013)

I’ve used images that I personally love and treasure. I’ve used pinks, greens and lots of yellows. And some neons, this year has been a lot about neons!

DIY Sewing Postcard

This is how I made my postcards this year: I sewed all my paper scraps onto a thin printer paper cut to postcard size. Then I backed them with a thicker piece of cardstock and a version of the Free Printable Postcard Backside, a downloadable pdf-file that I made available for you guys too (swap version and “everyday version” now available!). I sewed around the edge of these three layers.

Backsides 2013
Love sewing around the edge of a postcard!

DIY Postcards: Pippi in Caribbean

And like I mentioned before once I start sewing paper I find it hard to stop, so I made quite a few extras, but they’re all gone now… Except one, that I made just for me. The “extra one” I make each year, to remember what I did for this particular swap. Here it is:

DIY Pop Art Postcard 2013

I will post more postcard fronts another day. Until then I want to send a huge thank you out to all participants and supporters! Thank you for making awesome postcards and making this such a fun thing to arrange and to take part in!

My handmade postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap 2013

Also a super-duper big thank you to those of you who have sent me postcards! I love-love-love every one of them, and will now promptly look through the pile and write a long overdue thank you email to all of you personally. I also encourage everyone to check out the Ppostcard Link List post and/or the flickr group (sooo many yummy images posted there), and visit some of the participants there – and leave a comment! It’s much appreciated by me and everyone participating.

I hope you are doing something that you enjoy this weekend, and that you find some time to work on a creative project, mail art or not. Be well and Happy December and First of Advent tomorrow!

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17 Responses

  1. I’m always stunned by how beautiful stitched postcards are (but apparently not enough to take on my fear of a sewing machine)!

  2. The one on top of the first picture, the main one is the one I got from you. I was thrilled. Thanks for providing the platform for such fun. Looking forward to doing it again.
    Cheers from Australia :)

  3. I love your postcards, so bright and happy. Thank you for the swap. I so enjoyed making and receiving the postcards.

  4. The cards you made are gorgeous! I’ve signed up for your newsletter and hope I can participate in your next event. My mum uses http://www.postcrossing.com/ to send and receive postcards to and from strangers all over the world. I am thinking of signing up myself too. I also like to just wander about town and deliver my ‘homemade’ postcards to strangers myself :)
    Keep on the good work and blog hug Nina Joy

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! See that little ostrich peeping out there? I received that one! Thank you again Hanna, I wanted so badly to receive one from you! I’m happy happy!
    Thank you also for hosting this wonderful swap. Can’t wait until next year. :)

  6. Ooh these are so beautiful! I have a question though (since I still haven’t sewed in my journals or handmade postcards)- what was the purpose of sewing the cutouts onto a thin piece of paper before sewing all three layers onto cardstock? Was there a reason you didn’t sew the cutouts directly on to the cardstock?

  7. Your postcards are great as always, Hanna, but I have to say how much I love the backside!! So fun and pretty in its own right!

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