Yummy Bits of Paper Scraps

iHanna's Yummy paper Bits

As a collage artist my paper collection is an ever growing pile of yumminess… I love my paper stash a lot, as you know. But my apartment is very small, and my home studio already takes up a lot of room here. I don’t really want the paper stash to take over my life… Instead of trashing I’ve been sorting some of it into goodie bags, and adding them to my Etsy Shop!

Yummy Bits of Paper - stickers etc

Even creating the packaging is fun, and I’ve got a couple more that I need to fill. With the help of pretty tape and those photo album dividers (recycling paper of course!) I created transparent envelopes for my kits, and filled them with a little of this, and a little of that…

Scraps that are yummy!

A kit of Yummy Bits of Paper Scraps might include all but at least some; postal stamps, images from magazines and vintage books, labels, bits of wrapping paper, stickers, wall paper, text book pages, postcards, painted paper, my doodles, Swedish tickets, prints, die cuts, and more!

What - such awesome papers you've got there kitty!

These are all things I need to let go of. Things that you might incorporate into your collage work, art journal, scrapbook, vision board, inspiration sketchbook, glue book, notebook or any other creative paper craft that you can dream up!

Packing up nice paper kits

Anyone who has a crush on paper knows how hard it is to dispose of it, right? It’s impossible! It’s just so filled with potential. If you’re anything like me you will now need to go check out these and a few other goodies (quilted pillows! handmade journals!) in iHanna’s Etsy Shop.

Wishing you a Happy December month!

What do you do when your stash keeps growing, much faster than you can work through it?

7 Responses

  1. These packets of paper look fun, but I do not see them in your shop. Am I looking too soon?

  2. I thought about buying the last one but the bay creeps me out, haha. Will you be adding more? :) My husband gets paid on Friday hopefully there will be more in your shop then (without creepy babies).

    xox iHanna thanks for being a source of inspiration, always.

  3. I’m just now catching up on my emails from the holiday and wanted to buy some papers. I know that they are all gone now. Hopefully you will add some to your shop later. I’m interested in anything interesting (paper wise) from Sweden since you can’t fine anything like that in California .

  4. Will you post it when more scrap pkgs are available on Etsy? Or is there another way we can buy them (without Etsy?)

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