When you do something all the time, even if you move too slowly for others to notice, the constant motion produces surprising volume and achievement.
Jude Hill

Collages from 2012 made by iHanna for 365 Collages in a year
How about #365in2013?

I have made collages for many years now. It feels like through this constant making I’ve found “my” art form. I recently sold one of the few that I have up in my Etsy Shop and send it to the US. Making collages – and selling them – makes me happy in the core of my heart. That’s how I know it’s my art form. It speaks to me, and fulfills me. I find flow very easily when I make collages!

I’m thinking that maybe my focus for 2013 should be on collage as art form. Not the only thing I want to do or concentrate on of course, I’m a dabbler as you know, but maybe something to have as my intention. To keep in front of me throughout the year?

When I did a daily project back in 2008, called Daily Art Cards, I could literally see how I developed as an artist and grew. I found out what I liked, what I could do and how much I could stretch. Daily creative habits (creativity in bite sized chunks) are just awesome and so rewarding if you can keep it up (but very saddening if you don’t)! I didn’t create daily and can’t commit to it right now – but I still want creativity to be a habit! I want to create a better and more artistic habit in 2013 than I’ve had in 2012! I want to grow and expand!

I’m thinking that I, during 2013, will set an intention to do 365 collages and aim at doing seven (7) finished artworks each week. In that way I can do more on days when I have the time but will still know how many I need to do to achive my goal. Goals should be tangible and realistic!

Seven collages each week will be my personal aim. I’m calling it 365 in 2013, simple and easy for you to join in if you are up for it! You don’t need to do collages, but you could. You can do doodles, sketches, photography, journaling, writing a page or a paragraph, blogging, knitting, composing, doing lyrics, poetry, postcards, origami birds or what every you want to make a lot of!

Will love if it you want to join me! Would appreciate your support and encouragement through 2013 (or until we give up) for this 365 project. Let me know what you think in the comments!