To New Beginnings and Happy Endings

To New Beginnings

There is so much left to do, to see, to create, to learn and to give. It’s a good thing it’s just 2012 ending, and not the world. I will see you on the other side, I promise!


Happy New Creative Year from

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    • Gott kreativit år till dig med Gun! Påmin mig gärna när det är brodericafé, jag har varit alldeles för dålig på att hålla koll när jag ska ta med mig broderiet in till stan! :-)

  1. Thank you for these beautiful photos and all the ideas that you share. Allways an inspiration. Happy new year.

    • Thanks Doris for leaving a comment and watching the slide show. I’ve watched it myself several times now, and now I feel inspired to take even more photos. :-) Happy New Creative Year!

    • Thank you Kim, and the same to you! You know your magic shines all the way to Sweden because it is very intense!

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