Collage: Illustration of Love
Illustration of Love

This collage is oh so very pink and romantic, don’t you think?

I’m also continuing experimenting with black and white collage. Not typography this time, but instead I am combining painted b/w papers, b/w photographs from vintage books and some hot magenta pink. The dotted paper in several of these are painted phone book papers. I love how it sounds/rustles when I handle it.

Let me know in the comments which of these collages you like best…

Collage: Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom. Do you recognize Jackie?

Collage: Nesting Time
Nesting Time created during Easter week.

Collage: Let's roll the Ball
Let’s roll the Ball

Collage: Bad News
Bad News

Collage: Follow the Air Stream
Follow the Air Stream

Collage: April First
April First

One fourth through the project of 365 collages and I’m still enjoying it. How about you?

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