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Continuing from my blog post How to start a Rainbow Glue Book I’m sharing a glue book video today, of me working on some of the pages in this notebook. The red pages as it happens.

Washi tape edges by Studio iHanna, Sweden #gluebook

My intention was to share a bit of all the yummy rainbow pages, but time moves in mysterious ways when you’re filming. Or rather, I think I can cram in more than is possible into one video…

Washi tape edges by Studio iHanna, Sweden #gluebook

Glue Book process video

Anyway, here’s my video. I hope you enjoy it. I got to the red pages, but also share my project tray and some pages from different magazines that will end up inside this glue book at a later date.

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I glued down an image of a Dalahäst and then went on to talk about when we visited Dalarna here in Sweden and saw how the Dalecarlian horses are hand painted. Here’s that video (very short in case you want to watch it):

Red pages at the start of the glue book, styled with mom’s red reading glasses:

The red pages in my Rainbow Glue Book

Now they’re much fuller, but I didn’t take photos of them yet because I think I need to add the last details before the “finishing photos” at a later date. But here’s my favorite studio coffee mug with my Rainbow composition notebook journal, because they match so well together:

My studio mug and my Rainbow glue book match

Wishing you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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