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Vintage Shooting Target Papers

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars. Les Brown A good flea market find always makes me happy. If it’s a paper find, like a roll of vintage wall paper with a pretty pattern, or a pile of old letters, I’m even happier. That’s because paper finds […]

Art Journal Style: Cuteness Overload

I like a lot of different styles of art journaling; wild and free, artsy, painted, colourful collage, doodle, total messiness etcetera etcetera. And on top of all those experiments I also have a thing for cuteness… I don’t know how, but toy shop wrapping paper always appeal to me a lot more than somber grown […]

Sorting for Inspiration

Do you too do some kind of sorting for inspiration? I enjoy sorting through materials and finding tiny paper scraps that I forgot about. Sorting for inspiration is a lot more fun than sorting to organize – or to try to clean up the desk or remove another pile! Sorting for inspiration is the opposite […]

Scraps by someone else

Paper scraps are the Art Journalers and collageists best friends. We need scraps to create! It’s the treassures in our life, right? Last week I shared the rainbow colored envelope that I recieved in a journal swap with Tammy. Now let’s just look at what was inside. Except for that List Journal there were little […]

My life is a Mess

My life is a mess, how about yours? I’ve been sorting through everything. My life is in a horrible big mess right now. I am throwing away, saving, folding, browsing, sorting. For weeks now. I’ve realized I’m a horrible pack-rat and I shouldn’t buy anything for the next three years or so. I’ve giving away […]

Ephemera collection

Ephemera refers to written and printed matter published with a short intended lifetime. Something transitory; lasting a day. [from] My ephemera collection is growing. Flea markets are the only place where I can afford as beautiful things as these curled up borders. Paper that some may consider trash makes my heart flutter. This white […]