Art Journal Peek: Using Nature’s Colors

Art Journal: Maple Leaf Page
I just noticed how drawn I am to orange this autumn. I have dived into nature’s colours, and autumns imagery, quite unconsciously on many pages these past weeks. Nature effects all of us of course. It’s so obvious and oh so beautiful, surrounding us all the time even in the cities. It’s not strange that it ends up in our heads and poors out on the page.

I’m using collage as my paint brush, and adding in lots of warm colours. Yellow, orange, brown, sepia and red. And “space” – which later becomes room for writing.

Maple Leaf detail

The maple leaf used (again) is actually a photo from a magazine found in my stash. Love it for right now. The gray stone perfect for journaling (using a white pen). Also testing out my lime green dymo tape here (Thanks Maria for the gift!).

And how about this wee creature:

Cameleon illustration
Hello there little fellow! This adorable cameleon illustration finally found a way into my altered book/art journal. A symbol of nature’s changing ways and colour camouflage?

Most of the painted bits are scraps by someone else that are now incorporated into the me-ness of this journal.

Here is another spread that I think is quite autumny (at least in colours):

Art Journal: take a closer look

Take a closer look. My favorite part is the illustration on the right with the guy cutting down pieces of nature from a tree to save (?) for later. And detail of the whole:

Art Journal detail: lime green dymo tape
More use of the Dymo tape! Collage, and then some writing on top of that:

Dymo tape and writing/journaling
Detail of some of the journaling I did on this page after taking the first photos.

If you feel like infusing some creativity into this week I hope you’ll consider signing up for my DIY Postcard Swap autumn version!

If you too have made autumn pages I’d love to see them! Does your colours change with the season?

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  1. Hanna, I love the colors on your pages and the little chameleon looks perfect and adorable there :)

  2. This journal is so cute! I like the colors, the bright colors in it! I especially like looking at the chameleon! Totally adorbs! :)

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