At Eden's blog today

Eden of Draw Doodle Decorate Blog has had a interview series with other bloggers in October. She asked me to be featured too, and wrote such nice things about me in the introduction to the interview with iHanna (5th of November 2012). Words to savour:

Hanna is the Queen of Productivity. I dont think there is a Craft or an Art that she has not tried. Shes always pushing her technical capabilities as well. Shes done video tutorials, digital newsletters, on-line classes and shes a published writer. Shes a whirlwind of inspiration.

I’m in good company too! Among others she’s interviewed artist Lori Vliegen (whos blog I love) and new to me Sheila Arthurs (her felt & embroidery pieces are amazing!).

Thanks Eden for the chance to be included on your blog among your own pretty artwork and words!