Vintage red suitcase

Found a red suitcase while thrifting.

It was really dirty and I want to change the fabric lining, but didn’t find the time for this summers traveling. Maybe next time this will be my altered art kit bag?

Second hand finds

Also found this beauty:

Book spread
This is from a new printed book with lots of pages that showed a handwritten and drawn book!
Super cool stuff, and I won’t mind cutting in this either, for collage purposes.

Vintage reading books
I want to use these books too, in my collages, but I don’t know if I can cut them up? They are lovely! I think it is from 1940 or -50.

More vintage inspiration

Here are some of the illustrations in the first vintage book:

Vintage book spread
Vintage book spread
Vintage book spread
Vintage book spread

3 Responses

  1. That is a lovely red bag. I like kid’s illustrated books very much too! If you can’t bear to cut them , you can photocopy them in colour (assuming that they’re old enough so that copyright would have lapsed) and use the photocopy for your collages. Have fun.

  2. after you take out the pages you want, buy a clock kit and put the covers in a frame and make them into wall clocks for children.

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