Fall is late around here this year. I think it’s because of the very hot summer we had, and then we have had rather pleasant weather in August, and September too. I’ve not even worn my jacket yet, so I just haven’t felt like it’s turned autumn yet…

But by looking in my calendar of course I know it’s here. And that means it’s high time I start the DIY Postcard Swap autumn 2018, right?

iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap autumn 2018 - join right now!

If you’re feeling like your mail box is sad and your creative projects is not giving you enough energy, maybe you want to join us?

It’s time to create postcards!

In this swap you make 10 postcards, write a little message on the back and add postage to the place each one is going. You can doodle, paint, sew or collage your do-it-yourself-postcard in any style that makes your heart sing. Next month I will send you your addresses in time for them to go out by the middle of the month (19th of November). Sometimes you will be sending postcards to someone in your own country, other times abroad, to other countries around the world, because this is an international swap. Then you can lean back and start waiting for your 10 postcards to arrive!

There is a little fee to join, and some simple rules you should check out if you’re new to the swap: read the rules and join here, please. I welcome you with a warm hand, and invite you to leave questions and/or a comment below too if you have the time!

There’s also a great FAQ about the swap in case you have questions about postcard format, size, envelopes and so on.


If you’re an oldie but goodie in the game, click to sign up straight away to pass on the page of guidelines and inspiration:

If you’re too busy to join this time of the year, I totally understand, but of course I’m hoping you’ll find the time. You can absolutely start making your postcards and come back to sign up later this month. You can sign up until November 15, so that’s a few weeks with many time slots for creating (I hope).

Resources for Do it Yourself Postcard Swappers


Win a little package from iHanna

iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap autumn 2018 - join right now!

Enter to win! Post the swap button to your instagram account, tag me @ihannas and use the hashtag #DIYpostcardSwap to inspire your friends and family to join too! Everyone who shares about the swap, on instagram, twitter or on your own blog of course (leave a comment with a link below) will be entered into a drawing to win a little care package from me with Swedish ephemera for collages etcetera!

Thanks and have a great day!