Swedish Postal stamps, photo copyright Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna

A whole map of typographic postal stamps – waiting to be used…

How is your postcard making going? That is, if you’re as deep into this adventure as I am right now? If not, you can still sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap and dive in right now!

Postcards are fun and easy to create. And the more my own collection of swapped cards grows, there more I appreciate the owning part of this swap too. Love looking through the postcards you’ve sent me over the years. All saved in my handmade binder.

With your postcard you can do something simple, or be as elaborate as you want to. I tend to try new techniques or work in a series to see how each postcard is similar yet different.

Last year I painted all my postcards, and a while back I was sure I wanted to explore this possibility even more this year. Because with my 365 Collage-project I miss acrylic messes quite a bit. But once I got started I realized it was collage time again!

Messy table: Never Hide

So I’ve been sorting scraps of paper for inspiration. I found quite a few gems. Some forgotten for years. I decided to do machine stitched paper collage, a bit like I did with the sewn postcards back in 2011. But this year they turned out almost like Pop Art, filled with geometric patterns and vibrant colours, much inspired by mail artist Stephanie Dodson’s awesome postcards. She uses hand painted papers, colorful texts and awesome vintage comics in her collage work, and I fall in love with every single one of her cards right now. Once I show you mine, I think you will be able to see the influence, even though I don’t own any such comics etc.

You can still join the DIY Postcard Swap – the sign up period will stay open until late Sunday or Monday evening, and then next week I will be sending out addresses for mail art swap partners. :-)