365 Collages | Week 43 | Rather Shabby Chic

We don’t have to worry bout nothing
Cause we got the fire, and we’re burning one hell of a something
They gonna see us from outer space
Light it up, like we’re the stars of the human race…
Ellie Goulding (Burn lyrics)

Rose Collages for Week 43

Hello again! Since last week was black and white this week I felt like diving into my favorite colour for the 365 Collage Project! Romance, roses, vintage, shabby chic, and powder pink… Oh-la-laa! Getting my creative juices flowing. Making me happy on the inside. How about you?

Here is the first one:

Collage: Special Deliverance
Special Deliverance

Because getting flowers as a gift is special.

Please let me know which of these collages is your favorite, and why, in the comments. I appreciate your time and feedback, as I continue towards the end… The end of the project, of the year, of this series of blog posts… But not the end of my collage adventures, I promise. I still love making collages, even after 43 weeks of non stop cut & paste!

Collage: I See You Bloom
I See You Bloom

Collage: Count your Blessings

Collage: Believing

Collage: A View of Eternity
A View of Eternity

Collage: Spotlight on Her
Spotlight on Her

Lots of pink, and then this one, a left over from last week actually:

Collage: The Door to Salvation
The Door to Salvation

Thank you for your support in my quest to create a whole slew of collages, 365 of them before the year ends. Later this week I’m also going to share some thoughts on my creative process when it comes to collages, so come back for that. You can subscribe to my blog via a blog reader here, or by subscribing via email!

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This is a post in my series 365 Collages in 2013 | Previously: Week 42 | Next Up: Week 44 (weaver’s edition!) and the last of October…

11 Responses

  1. “Believing” and “A View of Eternity” are my favorites this week! They both soothe & delight my eyes, I love how peaceful & pretty they are. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on your creative process now, too!!

  2. LOVE em all Ihanna, i especially adore the paper with VW van on it. I have a thing for vintage VW vans. And thanks for your sweet words on my GIT this week. xox

  3. I like “A View of Eternity.” The wallpaper roses (with the pencil marks!) brings back memories. I must have had those roses on a wall somewhere! And of course I like dots! I just subscribed to your email blog receiver; I’d love to join you in postcards, but must be try to myself and wait till your next swap. Enjoy {:-Deb

  4. I love the Eternity one and Believing, beautiful colors and designs for them. The last one leftover is pretty cool too! So fun seeing these pretty springtime colors again, makes me feel happy even though I’m a fall girl.

    So glad you will continue doing these next year, I need motivation to keep going on mine. Can’t wait to see/read more about your process, maybe even show one being done start to finish. Thanks so much for all you do and share with us!!

  5. Beautiful collages, Hanna! My favorites this week were “Believing” and “A View of Eternity.” I loved the colors in those two collages and they both made me smile and think happy thoughts.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Hanna: I love all these. The pink romantic colors did get your creative juices flowing. Special Deliverance is my favorite because my eye is drawn to the pink roses and then the smaller repetitive patterns on the side. I enjoy your collages so much, thanks for sharing.

  7. How about an exhibition @Luna?! These should be displayed all together, once you’re done with 365… this must look SOOOO impressive :)
    Have a nice weekend, Hanna

  8. I love them all, pink is a favorite of mine too, but the purple roses on ‘Believing’ are absolutely gorgeous.

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