Recycled book turns Postcard Ring Binder

I love getting handmade postcards and mail art – and of course that’s why I arrange the now annual DIY postcard swap! And I keep everything I receive. Postcards have been laying around here and there, mostly in boxes where they tend to stay unseen. But today I decided to finally find them a permanent home!

Recycled book covers

I put together a Postcard Ring Binder using a recycled book cover. I took out the pages from the book and recycled the green cover because I think it’s so pretty. My dad helped me attach a ring binder mechanism, bought at a office supply store, to the book spine. I’m very pleased with this small and unique Postcard Binder.

Take a closer look below.

Creative Idea: Take a vintage book cover and make a pretty postcard binder - more info at

I have a few of these vintage books that I got at a flea market a few years ago. I love the green patterned paper and the cream coloured spine, though with the pins that attach the ring mechanism I might end up covering the spine with a fabric piece later. For now I just wanted to try to add a few postcards to see how it turned out…

Punching holes in postcard
I punched holes through the cards and put them into the binder.

I’m really having fun looking through these postcards and to fill this pretty ring binder! Lots of postcard inspiration in there, and love.

Postcard from

I have so many pretty cards, some are a bit too large for this binder but most of them are regular postcard size and those fit in perfectly. I think I will look through the cards more often now that they are organized in a binder.

Postcard binder

Postcard binder

Recycled book with postcard

I think the recycled book turned ring binder would be awesome for a new DIY Planner too? And I might need one for this year’s postcards swap because this one is already getting quite full. I can also see this one filled with my collection of “regular postcards” from friends and family on holiday, some I’ve actually kept through the years…

If you want to start a postcard collection of your own, a swap is a good idea… Sign up for the DIY Swap here.

Also, check out the video tutorial where I show you how to make this kind of ring binder, and let me know what you think.

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16 Responses to Recycled book turns Postcard Ring Binder

  1. Sena says:

    That turned out so cute! Love it!!! That is a great idea for old hardcover books, and it will be so fun to flip through and see all the different postcards!

  2. dianne says:

    That’s a great idea! I’ve just been using cardboard and loose metal rings to keep everything together! You are genius! How exactly did you attach the ring mechanism to the book though?

    • iHanna says:

      I’m not entire sure how dad did enitrely. I will make a film next time (when he helps me again). I think you need a Brass fastener or grommet tool + some muscle to fasten it!

      See DIY Paper Binders, it might help

  3. Jacqueline says:

    What a smart way of collecting the cards! I love the handy aspect of the ringbinders, just not the covers and the office look of them.

    Is there aby chance that your dad will show us how he put the ring mechanism into the book cover? That would be super (and he’ll get to be famous…)! :)

  4. MissKoolAid says:

    I just signed up for the swap. Hopefully this will be the right project to get me back into the groove of creating art.
    I love your little ring binder! I was planning on doing something like this but had no specific idea in mind. Now I think I’ll copy you and use it for my postcards!!!

  5. Awesome idea! I’ve been looking for a good way to keep my postcards together. Thanks, Hanna!

  6. Corrine says:

    Nifty book, what a great way to keep some mail. xox Corrine

  7. laurie b says:

    what a great idea! i have hanging the postcards i receive all over my studio but will run out of room eventually. a book is a perfect place to keep them. thanks for sharing.

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  9. Thanks, Hanna, for the link to your recycled book/postcard binder. I wondered how to contain the Autumn 2012 DIY postcard swap. I’ll look at some of your other links. I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts because I learn something new all the time. I’m using a somewhat new MacBook Pro and don’t have the skills to include links in my blog posts. I gotta change that one way or another.

    Marrianna in Flagstaff AZ USA

  10. LisaMarieArt says:

    Fabulous idea and I loved how it turned out. Personally I couldn’t bring myself to punch holes in whatever I was storing in there so I’d probably buy plastic sleeves, especially if it was for mailed postcards.

    Still an awesome bit of up cycling though!

  11. Terry Owenby says:

    I have been looking for ideas on how to display the many handmade postcards I’ve received and really like this idea! It combines my love of vintage books and postcards. Now to figure out the 3-ring binder attachment. I wonder if a strong glue, like E-6000, would do the trick. I don’t know yet how a binder attachment looks so if they do not have a flat bottomed surface, the glue probably won’t work. Thank you for all the great ideas I’ve been reading about here lately. Awesome work!!

  12. Cat Zimmerman says:

    sounds look lots of fun! A friend of mine does beautiful postcards… They’re so colorful, that the artist, Linda Clarke, adds people to her list of mail art!

  13. Deborah says:

    I think the idea of poking holes in my beautiful cards is horrible!! I use the plastic pockets! The book is a great idea!

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