Postcards on my inspiration board
Postcards by Robyn in the US and Juju in UK.

Some of the postcards I’ve gotten is not put in the postcard binder, they are still up on my Inspiration Board, like these two pink ones. I’ve also got photos up there, like my favorite photo of Smilla the cat, and a sushi ATC:

Smilla & sushi

I got the sushi ATC from Nat who lives in Australia! On the envelope I noticed this super cute stamp and had to cut it out to save it. I love postal stamps that are cute and sweet, like this one:

Pretty stamp from Australia

Yeah, one of the coolest things about getting mail from all over the world… you get so much prettiness to look at. Not only the actual postcard/artwork – you get a handwritten message and sometimes, postal stamps that totally makes your day.

I love this one too:

Pretty stamp from the US
Flower bouquet stamp from the US.

Postcard mail art by Jennie Hinchcliff of Red letter day
Got this Postcard mail art by Jennie Hinchcliff of Red letter day to my parents address in the beginning of the year. Love the teddies!

This one is one actually put in the postcard binder:

Creativity Postcard by iHanna
I think it’s the first one I ever made for a swap, back in 2005. Love that I made one extra in the series that year, one that I got to keep. I have one from last years swap left too, now in the said binder.

Do you save pretty stamps and postcards too? If you haven’t joined this year’s diy postcard swap, now is the time!
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