Pink Polka Dot Altered Vintage Postcards

Some Altered Vintage Postcards by me, iHanna. Enjoy.

Altered Vintage Postcards by iHanna - Yay for postcards that glitter

Each swap round I try to experiment a bit with my postcards. I mix it up, change things around, try new ideas and techniques. This time I started on unused, vintage postcards as the base, and added lots of acrylic paint on top of them. Some are covered, some still has a bit of the motive peaking through.

After a not so happy start smashing paint and bits of tissue paper on some of the vintage postcards, I finally made peace with them and finished them this week. The new pink Posca pen I bought came handy in helping me feel artsy, and finally actually liking my postcards! I went over almost all of them with the pen nib, and made them polka dotted. The combination of pink + dots makes me happy, and I hope that they make the recipients happy too!

Finished my Postcards - by Hanna Andersson

Then I looked through my pen pouch for a good black pen, to write some kind of message on each postcard. Even though I have lots to chose from, I couldn’t find the perfect pen… So in the end I decided to try my very abused steel nib calligraphy dip pen and some black ink. I have seen so much beautiful calligraphy lately in my instagram feed, but it was a long time since I practiced this art form. My Lamy Safari was empty, so I used the dip pen and did a few test swirls, and then just wrote out some messages about creativity and happiness. Not perfect, but perfectly imperfect and quirky fun. I hope.

DIY Postcard: Happy Mail coming your way

DIY Postcard: Wishing you Happiness

DIY Postcard: Wishing you all the BEST

DIY Postcard: Happy Creative Greetings

DIY Postcard: Happy Wishes to you

Happy Wishes to you!

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Altered Vintage Postcards

iHanna's altered DIY postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap #mailart

PS: Next weekend I’m posting Spotted Photo Theme of Christmas, looking through photos from past years. If you’re into photography you should join and post your own compilation of Christmassy photos!

15 Responses

  1. Hanna, I totally LOVE the cards and I think you did an awesome job with the lettering and in fact, for the first time [that I can remember anyways!], I’m inspired to want to learn to do calligraphy!

    I’ve been wanting a pen and ink to use for drawing purposes but never was interested much in trying to learn to use them for lettering. Well done, friend!

  2. It’s a cold, grey, misty morning and before I get on my bike to go to be present at my second ‘Open Atelier’ day I surf around a bit trying to get in the mood – and hell, you do the job!!! Your cards make me smile and feel all happy and grateful that there are such amazingly creative people in the world and that I can call me a member of this ‘community’…!!! I’m off to get dressed now and hope that smile stays on my face all day. Wish you a happy, ‘pink’ and creative Sunday too Hanna!

  3. OMG! Pink, dots, and kittens…all in one place! It’s almost too much to take in at one time. I could explode from happiness. Really sweet!

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