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November in Sweden this year has been horrible gray. Where I live there has been gray skies for weeks on end. It feels like the fog never lifts, and it gets dark around three o’clock. The first few weeks we had a record low of 2 hours of sunshine! Yeah, it’s been bad, and I feel it in my entire body. Not even the prospect of making something cheers me up and the blog posts I have written have been few and far apart… I just want to go to sleep. But this week I finally spread out the vintage postcards I had started… and finished them. Again, dear deadline, thanks for being there for me!

I will share more of the process in my next post, but for now, I thought maybe you’d want to share your do it yourself postcard process with us?

Link up guidelines:

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  2. Link to the specific post, not to your main blog. You can add in several posts if you’ve blogged about your process more than once.
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What to share? We’d love to know how you made your postcards! What is your creative process like? Are handmade postcards new to you, or maybe you swap all the time? Please do tell, on your blog or in the comment section here!

I’m sending out addresses right now. If you have questions check the FAQ first, then leave a question below or contact me and I’ll try to help you in anyway I can. Also, please bookmark this post and come back to it later in December so that you can visit others to become even more inspired and to leave encouraging comments. Maybe I’m not the only one who needs a bit of extra love right now?

Have a great weekend & a merry December!

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