Hey friends! Today I am sharing how you can create your own Scrap Die Cuts. If you’re anything like me, you buy stamps sometimes when they’re on sale (or too cute to resist), but then rarely use them? This quick tips is for you!

Stamp your own scrap die cut ephemera - tutorial by iHanna #stamps

I think the idea of stamps is great, but they work much better for people who make greeting card than they do for my Art Journal or notebooks, because they’re never flat enough to stamp into…

Video Tutorial: How to create Scrap Die Cuts

This is the second part in my video series “Quick Craft Tips” on YouTube. In the first one I showed a quick idea on how to pimp your notepad and make it more your own. I love making things “my own”, even though of course I buy stuff too. But when you craft something for your journal, like these scrap die cuts, you can have a lot more of them for almost no cost at all (if you have stamps you like already), and then you can make them not just for yourself, but for postcards or trades too.

Watch the video tutorial and let me know if you’ll try this idea out!

Stamp your own SCRAP DIE CUTS [quick craft tips no 2] – click the link if you can’t see the video above, and then give the video a comment and a thumbs up on my YouTube Channel Studio iHanna if you can. Thanks in advance.

Happy crafting!

Owl Scrap Die Cuts stamped and cut out - tutorial by iHanna

For me I think it is time to work in one or two of the many little books I’ve got going right now, adding in bits of papers, ideas, lists, ephemera and maybe use one of these handmade / homemade scrap die cut too? I made owls in the video, but I also have a pile of ducks somewhere… And other rather unused stamps I could try this with.

Stamped and cut out owl ephemera - tutorial by iHanna

Here is one example of a stamped image that I cut out, colored in and used in a little notebook:

Mini Art Journal Stamp and Collage

This button girl stamp is in a set that is my favorite of the few I have. I have used it many times, for example in this quick craft where I made thank you notes with them.

What is your favorite thing to do with your stamps, if and when you use them?

PS: You can sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap spring 2018 now, a great way to air your stamps is to make stamped postcards. Just sayin.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.