QUICK TIPS no 5 video tutorial How to upcycle an old ring binder to make it pretty and useful

I have a couple of older office ring binders in a smaller size (A5) that I wanted to start using. They’re the regular kind of binder type that has been used in offices and schools for the past 50 years or so in Sweden. Black cover, cloth spine in red, green or brown with a plastic label holder where you can slide in the information of what you’re storing in your binder.

But I want something prettier of course!

Here’s how they looked before I got started covering them with fabric:

Fabric covered ring binder video tutorial

I have covered one ring binder before, using a lovely vintage fabric.

I love love love this fabric!

Fabric covered ring binder video tutorial

Isn’t it so pretty?

Fabric covered ring binder by iHanna

In this binder I’ve set up my system for Idea Collecting, as you’ll see in the video. It’s like an Commonplace Book and a real Pinterest board all in all.

Fabric covered ring binder video tutorial

How to cover your binder with fabric

When covering my second one, I filmed the process for a little tips video. It’s a quick video tutorial for you – in case you too have ugly/boring ring binders (or boxes or folders) that you want to cover / customize more to your liking.

Here’s the video, I hope you like it!

If you can’t see the video click over to YouTube here to watch, leave a thumbs up & comment there. Thanks.

What a transformation huh? I think it turned out great!

Before and After - How to cover a ring binder with fabric (video tutorial) by iHanna

As you know I love all things polka dot, so this yellow & orange fabric has been waiting for the right project for a while.

Fabric covered ring binder video tutorial by iHanna

Let me know if you try something similar!