Let’s do something creative together!

Get out a glue stick, some magazine images and your favorite notebook and let’s create a spread filled with colorful imagery and patterns, some stickers and washi tape details and maybe we’ll add a nice message or quote. Yes?

Art Journal Collage Cover by iHanna

You can do this kind of all-over-collage in any notebook you like, the smaller the quicker it is to fill and there’s something very satisfying to cover all the white of the original page with your own imagery, weather it’s painted paper or like I am using today, mostly magazine images.

Collage time with iHanna in a travelers notebook video

I buy Uhu 40 gram glue sticks in bulk, because I go through them so quickly.

Collage time with iHanna

Here’s the most recent video I published, a new episode of “Collage time with iHanna” :-)

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If you have more time, feel free to stay a while and watch back to where this notebook got started (first page and doing collage on the cover) in the YouTube playlist:

I started working in this little glue book or art journal in 2019, and since I’ve filmed making every page in it it’s been a slow process of filling it. The size of it is 11 x 21 centimeters (4,3 x 8,2 inches) and I still love that crazy format.

If you want to know more about the travelers notebook system read my ultimate TN guide.